The Next Generation of Electronic Sports Scoreboards: Solar Power


If you have been to a sports game in any of the stadiums around the country in the last three years, you will probably have noticed an incredible increase in efforts to go green. Due to the intense amount of waste and trash along with the high electrical requirements that occur at every game, many stadiums took the challenge of the green commitment. The most recent adaptation has been the installation of solar power for what started out as powering the high tech LED electronic sports scoreboards, but is now expanding into full on renewable energy for the stadium itself.

Going Green with Solar Powered Electronic Sports Scoreboards


It seems that technology is moving faster than most budgets can keep up with, and this is no more true than in the world of electronic sports scoreboards. In the concept of time, it wasn’t that long ago that old fashioned flip boards were changed out for light bulb scoreboards and then to the more efficient and cost effective LED scoreboards. The latest phase in the efforts of going green have been to make use of solar power for not only the field or stadium, but to power the score boards as well.

The Introduction of Solar Powered Electronic Sports Scoreboards: Busch Stadium, St Louis, MO


The pride of Missouri is the Busch Stadium in St. Louis and every Cardinals fan will back that up. But the stadium has made the ultimate decision to take their sense of pride into the next level and include a commitment to ‘greening the game’. While the idea is being embraced by many stadiums across the country, Busch Stadium has introduced electronic sports scoreboards that are operated with solar power.

The addition of the Busch Stadium solar power project began in 2012 with the installation of two solar arrays placed on the ticket building roof as well as on top of the left centerfield bleachers canopy in the Ford Family Plaza. This has expanded to a total of 106 solar panels to support the stadium’s electrical needs, resulting in the production of 32,000 kWh per year. To reinforce their commitment and educate public awareness on the topic of solar energy, they have added a kiosk that offers information on solar energy as well as their own solar project.

View NHL and NBA on New HD Electronic Sports Scoreboards


In 2013, the Pepsi Center unveiled the largest electronic HD sports scoreboard in the NHL and NBA. Home of the Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets, the venue has reached high tech heights that have set a new bar for fans and attendees; and other venues will be hard pressed to compete with. This new electronic sports scoreboard is now larger than the AT&T Stadium and Tampa Bay Times Forum, that had previously set the records.

It took two years to plan and execute the incredible HD electronic sports scoreboard. This process was not for the light hearted, as they placed the 4,400 square foot surface area screen so that it could be viewed by all. With 1080p HD and 16:9 stats, hockey fan length is from each matching blue line and basketball fans will be happy to note the three point line to three point line stretch.

College Stadiums Keep up with the Times with New HD Electronic Sports Scoreboards


College sports has some of the most zealous supporters in the world. Fans will commute great distances and carry flags and bumper stickers on their cars. While colleges are aware of the popularity, they also know that to keep and maintain this fan base they must also upgrade to meet the technology needs for the school and sponsorship. The new HD electronic sports scoreboards have become some of the latest addition to satisfy an every growing immediate information society.

Better Just Keeps Getting Bigger: Giant Video Sports Scoreboards


If you are keeping up on the news on the topic of sports stadiums, you would not be surprised that sports venues are continuing to grow at an exponential rate. As old stadiums fall in ratings for what they are offering, the attendance and sponsorship also falls. The number of stadium facelifts and new construction are entering into a whole new era of bigger means better. Any stadium that wants to jet to the top of the ratings also needs the kind of giant video sports scoreboard that will wow the crowd.

Latest Technology: High Definition Video Sports Scoreboards


Attracting and keeping sports fans has never been a problem, but in today’s world the competition to bring them to the stadiums has become quite fierce. With the advent of better technology for home sound and visual systems, sports venues have had to step up to the plate and bring an elevated excitement experience for live attendance. Stadiums around the world are changing out their electronic sports scoreboards for the latest in increased size, and incredible HD.

When looking at the latest technologies in sports scoreboards, the first thing you notice is that the quality is not the only thing that has been stepped up; the size has also been increased. Stadiums are making way for larger screen size, added audio surround sound and high definition visuals. The added technologies that are being brought to the table also include live web streaming, instant replay, social media and direct fan interaction through texts and tweets.

Quality Aluminum Construction is the Mainstay of Electro-Mech Scoreboards


Aluminum has become the metal of choice for many industries. In the past, steel was once thought to be the metal to use, however, the use of steel brings a plethora of problems and expenses that are not shared with aluminum. Due to its inherent properties aluminum brings durability with ease of use. In a world that is focused on recycling and more earth-friendly, aluminum is one of the few easily recyclable metals. The use of quality aluminum construction in every scoreboard is a standard of Electro-Mech.

Electro-Mech Uses Automotive Grade Enamel Based Paint to Protect Your Scoreboard


Electronic scoreboards should be designed for longevity and to maintain their fresh look and appearance. After all, when fans look up to your scoreboard, its appearance is a direct reflection on your team, school or stadium. There is a lot that goes into manufacturing a quality scoreboard and Electro-Mech makes sure that every aspect of your scoreboard is carefully examined and cared for. One of the most important aspects is the exterior protection of a scoreboard and Electro-Mech makes use of the highest quality, automotive grade enamel based paint for its protection.

Scoreboard LED Lighting – Looks Better From Every View


You might remember when the first widescreen televisions entered the market. One of the challenges of that technology was that to get a good view of the picture, you literally had to be face-on in front of it. Moving to any other angle, meant that you lost the brightness, clarity and picture. That was because the early LCD screens were manufactured with what is referred to as ‘narrow viewing cones’. Technology has come a long way since that time, especially on the topic of electronic scoreboards. LED lighting has hit the market and has not only overcome any viewing issues, but has taken scoreboard viewing to such a level, that even the seats in the back of the stadium can usually see all of the colors and tones clearly.

Electro-Mech Scoreboard Coating Gives Extra Protection for the Outdoors

It is kind of understood that an outdoor electronic scoreboard is going to take a beating. Mother Nature has an array of weather conditions that she will throw at a scoreboard: extreme heat, extreme cold, extreme temperature changes, rain, wind, dust, dirt and ice. The importance of a high grade, high quality conformal coating on a scoreboard offers protection and longevity in a number of ways.

Technology Innovation Brings Energy Savings and ‘Green’ Stadiums

As the world embraces the concept of becoming less dependent on oil and gas as a method to help the planet, technologies have also been developing to meet these challenges. A variety of alternative and renewable energy sources are being created through innovative companies around the globe. This is a topic of great interest and importance in the sports industry, as they perceive a dual benefit in both energy cost savings and helping to reduce carbon emissions. The popularity has spurred a number of stadiums around the U.S. to take the baton and run with it and they are setting a precedence for other organizations and institutions as we see more stadiums and sports arenas going green.

Top 10 Largest Scoreboards in the USA

It seems that sports enthusiasts are never satisfied with the size of their favorite stadium electronic scoreboard, and manufacturers in the U.S. are stepping up to the plate to bring the fans what they want. Whether college or professional, the scoreboards are getting bigger with technology to wow the viewers. Competition is fierce, and the list is ever changing for the winner of the top biggest scoreboards.

Wireless Handheld

Want a “sneak peak” at a project that is underway at Electro-Mech? Our engineers have been busy putting some cool features into a small package. The result will be a set of wireless hand-held controllers that can activate various scoreboard features from down at field level.

The prototype unit shown above is designed to be used by the official in charge of the Play Clocks at a football game. The ref can keep his eye on the game and his thumb on the buttons. Using this little battery operated device, he can reset the Play Clock time to two different values, start the countdown, stop the countdown, and blank the displays.

Variations on this unit will allow you to control the main Game Clock, or basketball Shot Timers, or Practice Segment Timers, and more. Several customers are helping us test prototype units this year, with a release of the finished products scheduled for 2014.

Electro-Mech Offers Free and Easy Countdown and Scoreboard Widgets for Your Website

In the world of the internet there is an eternal evolution of terms, buzzwords and changes. One of the most popular in the last number of years has been the use of ‘widgets’ as well as ‘gadgets’. It’s often a challenge to try to keep up on these terms, but in the world of widgets and gadgets there are distinct differences between the two that can make your life easier.

A ‘gadget’ is typically designed by a company and is considered proprietary. In other words, you can use the gadget but only on that company’s sponsored websites or pages. A ‘widget’ is designed to be easily used on any website. You don’t want to be tied down by a gadget requirement, so looking for a ‘widget’ is the direction you should be going to.

Why You Should Use the Electro-Mech Scoreboard Widget and not a Proprietary Gadget

In the world of the internet there is an eternal evolution of terms, buzzwords and changes. One of the most popular in the last number of years has been the use of ‘widgets’ as well as ‘gadgets’. It’s often a challenge to try to keep up on these terms, but in the world of widgets and gadgets there are distinct differences between the two that can make your life easier.

A ‘gadget’ is typically designed by a company and is considered proprietary. In other words, you can use the gadget but only on that company’s sponsored websites or pages. A ‘widget’ is designed to be easily used on any website.

What you Need to Know about Wireless Scoring

Electro-Mech’s ScoreLink is a fantastic blend to allow wireless communication between your scoreboard console and the scoreboard itself. The benefits of wireless scoring gives you the ability to eliminate the physical cable runs for hardware. The choice of wired or wireless scoring is completely based on your needs.

Not All LED Displays are the Same

1996 brought a banner year to Electro-Mech, as we introduced LED technology for our indoor scoreboards. The advantages and popularity catapulted to such a level of success, that by 2003, 100% of our scoreboards featured the LED s and quickly became the single
choice for clarity, color and eye-catching appeal. LED’s brought a distinct advantage in
appearance but also carries benefits such as lower electrical consumption, longer lifespan,
easy installation and the lack of a requirement to change bulbs. LEDs add to the
scoreboard green footprint and are more cost-effective.

Portable Scoreboards – Advantages and Assembly Instructions

Portable scoreboards have come a long way, from the simple number keeping concept to the new LED, lighter weight and visually appealing focus for the game. Electro-Mech manufacturers a number of high quality portable scoreboards for just about every sport: soccer, lacrosse, field sports, basketball, baseball, football, soccer and even play clocks and practice timers. The advantage of the portable scoreboard is to give you the flexibility of a professional look and feel for your team or school, no matter where the game is held. Nothing shows your pride more than bringing a sharp scoreboard to the field. Models range in sizes from 35 in x 35 in to 5 ft x 3.5 ft., with an excellent selection of colors. Portable scoreboards have become incredibly popular and we now proudly offer an array of choices and options to fit your budget (and make you the envy of every other team).

FAQ’s to Consider For Your Electronic Scoreboard

If you are like most people undertaking the purchase of an electronic scoreboard, this was an assignment that you were given and you are accomplishing your due diligence by getting all of the information needed. Your homework may seem daunting, but, we have put an easy to use list together for you so that you can be assured that you will get the highest quality, best pricing and truly the electronic scoreboard that you and your team or school want.

Below is just a preliminary list of things to think about and consider as you move forward in getting your electronic scoreboard.

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