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Basketball Scoreboards

At Electro-Mech, our customers' satisfaction is of primary importance. We are a family owned corporation that believes in treating our customers the way we would like to be treated. We manufacture the best quality basketball score boards. We do everything possible to support our customers after the sale. For over 45 years we have listened carefully to what our customers have to say. Our basketball game scoreboards are designed to be easy to use and remain problem free for years. If you are one of our returning customers you already know about our reputation for quality and service. If you happen to be a new customer welcome to the Electro-Mech family. We will make certain that you are pleased with your new scoreboard today and years from now.

We offer a large selection of basketball scoreboards for sale. Before you buy basketball scoreboards it is important that you understand electronic basketball scoreboard technology. We manufacture wireless basketball scoreboards that make it unnecessary to install control cables. There are specialized college basketball scoreboards, and high school basketball scoreboards. A digital basketball scoreboard uses a micro-controller. This permits us to deliver a product that fits your team perfectly. Our sales coaches will make sure that your purchase of an electronic scoreboard for basketball is successful.

Basketball scoreboard prices differ widely, especially for an LED basketball scoreboard. You tend to get what you pay for. A discount basketball scoreboard isn't a very good deal if it ends up costing more for repairs than what was originally spent on the scoreboard. Outdoor basketball scoreboards are exposed to the weather. This is one place good design makes a big difference. Buying a cheap basketball scoreboard usually results in having to explain why the scoreboard doesn't work on the day of the important game. The little difference in cost is definitely not worth the future aggravation. Make the best choice for your scoreboards for basketball. Choose Electro-Mech.

To raise the roof at a high school game or to fill the bleachers at a college hoops game, athletic directors and basketball coaches across the country turn to Electro-Mech Scoreboards. There is nothing quite like the bright lights and home colors of the basketball scoreboard overhead to get the crowd into the seats and into the games. From the time the national anthem is sung until the final buzzer, fans focus attentively to the basketball scoreboard for all of their in-game information. Our company will deliver the right basketball scoreboard for your budget and your program's needs. Get your fans into excitement with an Electro-Mech basketball scoreboard.

All of our standard scoreboards come with these excellent features:

  • A long-lasting outside cabinet and super-life LED display to keep the score regardless of the outdoor elements. This is the most reliable basketball scoreboard available.
  • Our LED displays save your program valuable money. You can cut the power bill and be green using our new technology, which costs the amount of traditional incandescent bulbs in half.
  • Simple installation makes adding your getting your basketball scoreboard working a snap.
  • Unparalleled service for your basketball scoreboard. We are on your side and want to make sure that the scoreboard is working for your game before the tipoff.

All Customizable Basketball Scoreboards

We make the best basketball scoreboards to fit the budget and your needs.

There is a great variety of choice for your information display. You may just need the basic information: score, time and shot clock. In that case, we offer two configurations: one complete scoreboard (model 2330) or sold as 3 small components if installing a scoreboard is not an option. As your needs grow, Electro-Mech has over 15 different information display configurations to offer you. The two top models (model 2665 or model 2555) carry time, ball possession, team fouls and 1 player fouls and points. The 2555 also includes fouls and points for all five players on the floor for each team.

You can match the scoreboard colors to those of your program, school and team colors. Electro-Mech offers over 15 different vibrant standard paint colors for the face of the scoreboard. We will even create other colors for an additional fee. For an extra standout look, you may want to add a stripe around the edge of the scoreboard--white or gold are the most popular and effective. Finally, with our basketball scoreboards you get to choose from two bright LED display colors: amber or red. Either choice is visible from all fan viewing angles and is super-clear in indoor gyms.

Next, figure out how many ID panels to your scoreboard needs. The panel displays your team name, the field name, and images such as the team mascot and any advertisements. Ads are the critical revenue maker for programs and the space near the scoreboard are prime. They will command the most fan attention and should demand the highest fees.

Different shapes for your basketball scoreboard are also available. In addition to the standard rectangular choice that might sit court-side and we have many multi-sided options to hang over the court. On top of that our company offers decorative trusses for a complete visual package.

LED Scoreboards and Your Basketball Program

Electro-Mech has been making innovative basketball scoreboards for almost 50 years and during this time we have been through several major changes to the technology used to display game information.

These Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) concentrate all of their power into producing colored light, which is a huge upgrade from the standard incandescent bulbs. These standard bulbs waste energy and sharpness by splitting their power into heat and wavelengths invisible to the eye. An LED display benefits the fans with great viewing angles and crisp displays that can be seen in almost any light -- especially important for indoor basketball games.

The benefits to the bottom line is even greater because these LEDs cost less for power and last 50 to 100 times what incandescent bulbs last. Because of the greatly reduced power load, they're less expensive to install and require reduced equipment to run them. Electro-Mech is the innovator in bringing LED technology to scoreboards. Their first indoor LED scoreboard was developed and used in 1996 -- they have been perfecting it ever since.

Remote and Wireless Scoreboards for Basketball

The other major technological advance since the 60s has been the advent of wireless technology. It used to be that to run the scoreboard from the scorer's table or the press box, cable needed to be run everywhere complete with duct tape to keep fans from tripping over it. We developed its ScoreLink technology to send the signal wirelessly from the control console right onto the scoreboard. There is no wiring -- all adjustment to the statistics can be made from the control console, which seamlessly connects via radio frequency to a modem hooked up behind the scoreboard. This saves your program money and the hassle of changing the seating configuration for different games.

Indoor Basketball and Multi-Sport Scoreboards

Model LX2770 (14 ft. x 6 ft.)

This is one of the largest standard basketball scoreboards made.

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View Model LX2770

Model LX2745 (8 ft. x 6 ft.)

An efficient design with lots of basketball data.

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View Model LX2745

Model LX2665 (10 ft. x 5 ft.)

One of our most versatile multi-sport scoreboards.

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View Model LX2665

Model LX2655 (9 ft. x 5 ft.)

Our most popular indoor multi-sport scoreboard.

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View Model LX2655

Model LX2570 (14 ft. x 5 ft.)

A big basketball scoreboard with the right feature mix.

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View Model LX2570

Model LX2550 (9 ft. x 5 ft.)

A classic basketball design that includes Time Outs Left.

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View Model LX2550

Model LX2545 (15 ft. x 3 ft.)

An unusual design for a multi-sport indoor scoreboard.

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View Model LX2545

Indoor Scoreboards with Basic Basketball Features

Model LX2350 (9 ft. x 3 ft.)

Our most popular basic basketball scoreboard.

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View Model LX2350

Model LX2340 (8 ft. x 4 ft.)

This 8 ft. x 4 ft. basketball scoreboard gets the details right.

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View Model LX2340

Model LX2330 (6.5 ft. x 3 ft.)

A compact basketball scoreboard that does not compromise quality.

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View Model LX2330

Indoor Shot Clock Sets and Locker Room Clocks

Model LX7406 (23 in. x 10 in.)

Keep track of the scoreboard Game Clock anywhere in your facility.

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View Model LX7406

Model LX2180 (29 in. x 27 in. each)

A pair of Shot Clocks with Game Clock displays built in.

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View Model LX2180

Model LX2160 (24 in. x 27 in. each)

A set of two basketball shot timers.

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View Model LX2160

Indoor Basketball Scoreboards with Player Stat Panels

Model LX2576 (23 ft. x 6 ft.)

The king of basketball and volleyball scoreboards.

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View Model LX2576

Model LX2575 (22 ft. x 5 ft.)

A basketball scoreboard for serious fans.

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View Model LX2575

Model LX2556 (18 ft. x 6 ft.)

The all-in-one indoor multi-sport solution.

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View Model LX2556

Model LX2555 (17 ft. x 5 ft.)

It's all about the stats.

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View Model LX2555

Indoor Basketball and Multi-Sport Player Stat Panels

Model LX2056 (4 ft. 5 in. x 6 ft. each)

A pair of six-player statistical panels for basketball and volleyball.

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View Model LX2056

Model LX2055 (4 ft. x 5 ft. each)

A pair of five-play statistical panels for basketball.

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View Model LX2055

Outdoor Basketball Scoreboards

Model LX7230 (9 ft. x 3 ft.)

Take it outside, all you basketball fans!

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View Model LX7230

Model LX7260 (9 ft. x 5 ft.)

A compact but full-featured outdoor scoreboard for basketball.

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View Model LX7260

Outdoor Multi-Sport Scoreboards

Model LX1320 (5 ft. x 4 ft.)

Our most flexible portable scoreboard.

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View Model LX1320

Model LX6324 (5 ft. x 3.5 ft.)


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View Model LX6324

Model LX6650 (10 ft. x 5 ft.)

One of the most versatile scoreboards.


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View Model LX6650

Model LX6630 (10 ft. x 3 ft.)

One of the most versatile scoreboards.

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View Model LX6630

Model LX1360 (10 ft. x 5 ft.)

Model LX1360 is our most popular multi-sport scoreboard.

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View Model LX1360

Model LX6320 (5 ft. x 3 ft.)

Roll this scoreboard up to your basketball court.

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View Model LX6320

Model LX1390 (14 ft. x 5 ft.)

The 4-Digit Clock and "MP" console allow for multi-sport scoring.

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View Model LX1390