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Soccer Scoreboards

At Electro-Mech your continued satisfaction is of top importance to us. We are a family owned company that believes in treating our customers the way we would want to be treated. We manufacture the best quality electronic soccer scoreboards. We provide the same outstanding support to our customers after the sale as we do before. For over 45 years we have continuously improved our products based on customer feedback. Our electronic soccer scoreboards remain problem free for years. Our returning customers have already experienced our commitment to quality and service.

We offer many styles of LED soccer scoreboards. Before you buy soccer scoreboards it is important to understand the many available options. Wireless soccer scoreboards make it unnecessary to dig up your field for control cables. We build specialized high school, college, professional, men's and women's soccer scoreboards. Our sales coaches will make certain that the purchase process is both enjoyable and successful.

Prices are related to features and quality. Discount soccer scoreboards are a good deal only if you don't end up spending more on repairs than the scoreboard originally cost. A cheap soccer scoreboard is likely to breakdown on game day. The relatively small difference in cost will soon be forgotten, future aggravation will not. Choose your soccer scoreboards from the company that delivers the best quality and service. Choose Electro-Mech.

All of our soccer scoreboards come these great features:

  • The most rugged outside cabinet and the longest lasting LED display are built into these soccer scoreboards to keep the score regardless of the weather. There is no more reliable soccer scoreboard available.
  • The LED soccer display save you money. The power bill can be cut and your soccer program can be greener by using our technology. It reduces costs by 1/2 of the amount of traditional incandescent bulbs.
  • Quick installation that makes adding your new soccer scoreboard easy as pie.
  • Incredible service and support for your soccer scoreboard. We are on your home team and make sure that the scoreboard is working for your game before kickoff.

Soccer Scoreboards That You Make Your Own

Your budget and your programs needs can be satisfied with our soccer scoreboards.

Information displays selections vary from simple to complex. You may just cover the basic information: time remaining, period number and game score. In this case, the Soccer 6630 model is the best choice and weights just 100 pounds for easy mounting. As your needs grow, our company has over 5 different information display configurations to offer you. Our top-of-the-line model, the 6860 Soccer Scoreboard, is 20 feet wide and 8 feet high and includes a full information display that includes time remaining, period number, overall score, shots on goal per team and number of corner kicks for each team.

The colors can be customized to match your soccer team program. Electro-Mech offers almost 20 different vibrant standard paint colors for the front of the scoreboard. We can even create other colors for you for an additional fee. For extra zing, you may want to add a contour stripe around the perimeter of the scoreboard -- white and gold are effective. Also with Electro-Mech scoreboards you can have two super-bright LED display colors to choose from: red or amber. Either light choice is visible from a range of angles and in most outdoor and indoor lighting conditions.

How many ID panels to add to your scoreboard is the next question to answer. These panels display your team, field name, and images of your team mascot and, of course, advertisements. Ads are a major source of revenue for programs and the spaces around your soccer scoreboard are the prime real estate which attracts the fans' attention and should demand the highest advertising fees.

Your program has many choices for the shape of your soccer scoreboard. In addition to the standard rectangular version, Electro-Mech can add domed features for an arched top. Trusses can be used to spice up the visual display.

Soccer Scoreboards and Critical LEDs

Electro-Mech has been custom making innovative soccer scoreboards for nearly five decades. During this time there have been many changes to the technology used to display game information. Starting from dusty chalkboards and hanging signs to the stiff digital displays of the 1970s, nothing comes close to the state-of-the-art LED displays that arrived in the 1990s.

Tiny Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are able to focus all of their power into producing colored light. This is a massive upgrade from the standard incandescent bulbs, which leak wasted energy and sharpness by splitting their power into heat and unwanted wavelengths that are invisible. LED displays benefit the viewers with increased angles and displays that are seen in any lighting -- especially important for those soccer day games.

The benefits to your soccer program are even greater because these little LEDs cost less in power and last 50 to 100 times longer than traditional bulbs. Because of this reduced power load, they are less expensive to install and require basic and reduced equipment to run. Electro-Mech built its first LED scoreboard in 1996 and has been perfecting it since.

Soccer Scoreboards Without the Hassle

The other major technology upgrade that Electro-Mech has witnessed since the 60s has been the onslaught of wireless technology. It used to be that to operate the scoreboard from the scorer's table or the press box, a trench had to be dug, expensive wiring had to be laid and installed and its position was fixed for life. The Electro-Mech ScoreLink technology transmits a wireless signal from the control console right onto the scoreboard. There is no wiring! All adjustment to the statistics can be managed from the console, which connects directly by a radio frequency to a modem in the scoreboard. This saves costs and the gives your program flexibility.

Full-Featured Soccer and Multi-Sport Scoreboards

LX6540 Series (22 ft. x 8 ft.)

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View LX6540 Series

LX6740 Series (26 ft. x 8 ft.)

View Series
View LX6740 Series

LX6940 Series (26 ft. x 8 ft.)

View Series
View LX6940 Series

Lacrosse and Field Sport Scoreboards

Basic Soccer and Multi-Sport Scoreboards

LX6430 Series (16 ft. x 5 ft.)

View Series
View LX6430 Series

LX6650 Series (10 ft. x 5 ft.)

One of the most versatile scoreboards.


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View LX6650 Series

Model LX6630 (10 ft. x 3 ft.)

One of the most versatile scoreboards.

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View Model LX6630

Portable Soccer and Multi-Sport Scoreboards

Model LX6324 (5 ft. x 3.5 ft.)


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View Model LX6324

Model LX6320 (5 ft. x 3 ft.)

Roll this scoreboard up to your basketball court.

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View Model LX6320

Model LX1320 (5 ft. x 4 ft.)

Our most flexible portable scoreboard.

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View Model LX1320

Practice Segment Timers

Model LX7640 (7 ft. x 5 ft.)

A football segment timer display for permanent installation on the practice field.

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View Model LX7640

Model LX7520 (4 ft. x 3 ft.)

A portable practice timer for football and more.

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View Model LX7520

Indoor Locker Room Clocks

Model LX7406 (23 in. x 10 in.)

Keep track of the scoreboard Game Clock anywhere in your facility.

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View Model LX7406