Scoreboard Advertising the Right Way (and the Wrong)

Scoreboard advertising has become a significant part of the sports world. Since the introduction of the LED’s, the sports industry has been able to evolve in multiple aspects. The LED has brought a new kind of attention to the scoreboard and has helped to bring in revenue for all sorts of organizations. With the advancements in light technology, more and more people are slowly beginning to transition over to the LED billboard and scoreboard advertising sector. Now more than ever sports fans are staring at the scoreboard and not just because it displays the time and score. Sports scoreboards are built specifically to attract the attention of spectators. It is because of this new attraction to the scoreboard that schools and sports teams should be aware of the dos and don’ts behind scoreboard advertising.
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Advertising in the 21st Century: LED Scoreboards

Today’s society moves at a fast pace and is constantly changing. With the constant development of new technologies, the business world has come to a cutthroat tempo where only those who are keeping up with the times are excelling. One of the largest industries that not only influences this tempo, but molds the attitude of our culture is that of the advertisement industry. This multi-billion dollar industry not only pumps money into the economy, but also influences us on how to spend and put more of it back into our economy, further fueling it. A chunk of this industry comes from the advertisement billboard sector.
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Best Sports Led Scoreboards 2008 Reviews

Every year, technology for sports scoreboards improves, and with each new stadium design, LED scoreboards are becoming more common and more advanced. Professional, college and now high schools are all starting to employ the use of LED scoreboards with an electronic LED display. Aside from its game statistics display and the advertising space, there is a wow factor with LED displays that cannot be denied. Stadiums and arena’s will often times be judged by their appearance. A fantastic concrete stadium that holds 10,000 people for a high school game, or 100,000 for a professional game, would be diminished by the quality of a sports scoreboard that fits in like a pimple between the eyes. It is important to know where the technology is heading, and as the technology becomes more advanced and the price drops, you may see this technology work its way into the high school and college levels.
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LED Scoreboards: Production Technology from A to Z

Led Scoreboards Production Technology From A To Z_1

LED scoreboards have come a long way in the years since the technology has become reliable and even surpassed the competition in performance. Electronic sings in general have all benefited from the technological improvement, especially the scoreboard video display. In the creation and fabrication of these scoreboards, a general understanding of the production tools and processes helps appreciate these complex tools often taken for granted by sports fans.
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