Scoreboard Advertising the Right Way (and the Wrong)

has become a significant part of the sports world. Since the introduction of the LED’s, the sports industry has been able to evolve in multiple aspects. The LED has brought a new kind of attention to the scoreboard and has helped to bring in revenue for all sorts of organizations. With the advancements in light technology, more and more people are slowly beginning to transition over to the LED billboard and scoreboard advertising sector. Now more than ever sports fans are staring at the scoreboard and not just because it displays the time and score. Sports scoreboards are built specifically to attract the attention of spectators. It is because of this new attraction to the scoreboard that schools and sports teams should be aware of the dos and don’ts behind scoreboard advertising.

For one, do not make the amateur mistake of overloading your scoreboard with advertisements form everyone. Just because you have the room for the advertisement does not mean that one needs to be put there. Many people make the mistake of having too much going on on their scoreboard. If there is too much going on in an area of a scoreboard then sports fans could get potentially confuses and won’t be sure of what it is they are being attracted to. Not only that, but having too many advertisements on one scoreboard takes away from the overall impact of each advertisement individually. If there is too much going on then it weakens the advertisement and thus defeats the purpose of the advertisement entirely. Overkill is never usually a good thing. This can also include a scrolling message board. If you have LED sports scoreboards that are already doubling as , it seems unnecessary and a bit much to have a scrolling message board attached also. We don’t want to forget that it is still a scoreboard as well as an advertising unit.

The best way to utilize your that double as advertisement billboards, is to be simple yet bright. Having LED scoreboards means you already have the crowds attention, they’ll be looking in that direction anyway. Since you already have their attention, a simple yet catchy advertisement is all it takes to make a fan feel like they suddenly want a hotdog. Scoreboard advertising shouldn’t be something hard or all too complicated. It should be the easiest part about sports advertising. Something to keep in mind is that fans come to a sports game with two main intentions; to watch a game and to relax. Relaxing often involves drinking and snacking, which is why sports advertising should be easy. People are already hungry and thirsty and craving something, it is up to you to influence them towards making them realize what they already want. If you keep your advertisements simple and catchy, the LED scoreboards doubling as an advertisement billboard will do the rest of the work. Sports advertising isn’t complicated, all it takes is the right tools and the proper etiquette and you will achieve your advertising goals.

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