Jefferson-Davis Academy of Blackville, SC. 2004-2005 State Football Champs

If you are traveling the South Carolina Heritage Corridor, you will pass through pastures, fields and barns and then enter into Barnwell County. Blackville is a small piece of rural heaven, reminiscent of the gracious and slower paced living of days gone by. The beauty and serenity of this area will make you stop and listen. It’s quiet and peaceful. Blackville is a place where everyone knows each other and goes the extra mile to take care of each other. In the heart of Blackville is Jefferson-Davis Academy. You wouldn’t think a small preparatory school would be involved in sports. But, be careful when you enter the halls of Jefferson-Davis; they have one of the top football teams in the state and you will not be allowed to forget it!

Many people have preconceived notions when they think of prep school. Most think of students with their heads buried in books and no interest in anything other than academia. At Jefferson-Davis Academy, they are immensely proud of their ability to offer the highest in excellence for learning as well as the life lessons in the arts and sports. Sports is an important part of the learning process because it will teach the students the type of good sportsmanship they will need throughout the rest of their lives.

The Raiders football team at Jefferson-Davis Academy have blown away every other football team in South Carolina. For a small prep school, they sure have shown that they have the right stuff for football. Just stop in at any game. Whether a home or away game, you will see the maroon red and navy blue colors every where you turn. The school may be small, but it produces some of the most powerful football players in the state of South Carolina. The size of this prep school makes the environment closer to a family event and the games simply must be attended. If you don’t have a ride to an away game, all you have to do is ask; there are plenty of people that will take you there. Everyone waits with anticipation before the game, peering at the that will highlight the game. It is never surprising to see every member of the school staff, parents and fellow students of all ages cheering and hollering for their favorite team and players.

There is nothing slow paced about the football team, the football scoreboards or the fans at a Jefferson-Davis game. This football team is fast, sharp and efficient. They have a plan and they execute it with the precise rhythm of a fine orchestra. Every play is choreographed, every point well deserved. Jefferson-Davis Academy has some of the best support through the sponsors as well. Every business wants to make sure their name or logo is on the football scoreboards. The want all to know that they are backing the team and are darn proud of it. In Blackville South Carolina, you had better be a fan of the football team. They take their game seriously and it is part of the legacy of Blackville.

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