5 tips for the budding quarterback

5 Tips For The Budding Quarterback

In a feature, here are 5 great tips for the budding quarterback. In American football the quarterback is the undisputed leader of the game and is generally considered as the single most influential player on the field. For this reason many youngsters aspire to play exactly in that position. Here are the football scoreboards 5 tips:

Leadership: Quarterbacks need to be outstanding leaders, and there is no way around this. This means leadership before and after a game, as well as on the spot during a play. The quarterback should always have a plan B in the event that the primary move does not work out. Motivation is also a key quarterback skill. If you can bring the best out of the players around him, you are worth a lot more than just your throwing arm. If you are a good driver, and gain the respect of your henchmen, you are one big step towards becoming a great quarterback

Training: The throwing technique needs to be worked over and worked over again – no matter how much you work on it there is always room for improvement. The elbow of the throwing arm should be kept elevated at all times above your shoulder.

Precision and consistency: Unfortunately, unlike many of the other players, if you make a mistake as a quarterback, everyone is going to know about it. For this reason precision and consistency is required. Only with years of hard training can a quarterback develop the precision skills that are needed to be the best.

Speed of movement: A wide range of exercises need to be included in your training regime to gain the speed and strength required to perform at the highest levels. Training programs should include running, jumping, crawling, skipping, climbing, and any other such bodily movement, in order to train to the maximum every muscle group in the body.

Attitude: Belief is often what separates the men from the boys. Even the very best players in the world sometimes suffer from loss of confidence, and the impact on their game is devastating. Self-belief is often the biggest stumbling block which otherwise promising young players trip up on. Visualization techniques can help you with this: you see yourself successfully performing plays, and repeat this over and over again until it almost feels real. Know it will happen, and you are already half way there. Attitude also refers to your relationship with other teammates. The best players enjoy healthy competition but no more. The ego is left behind and what is most important is the good of the team overall. Work for and with the team, and you will get noticed fast.

Keep these 5 tips in mind, work hard, enjoy what you do, and you will be successful.

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