Basketball Fever Is Growing World Wide

Basketball Fever

  • If you’re a fan who is constantly watching and playing basketball then you should consult your doctor because you may have a
  • The sport of basketball has caught on like wildfire across the nation and in countries around the world

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Have you heard the latest health alert? Basketball fever is sweeping the nation and it’s highly contagious. This fever has spread among all age groups and genders and shows no signs of stopping. From its early beginnings in a small gym in Springfield Massachusetts, the sport of basketball has gained popularity throughout the years to reach the level it enjoys today.

A quick look at the statistics shows that basketball fever is growing among young girls and boys has steadily increased over the last decade. These statistics don’t account for the thousands of girls and boys that play on their local middle and high school basketball teams. A true measure of how a sport has grown can be traced to the number of participants at the youth level.

The increase in popularity can be attributed to the aggressive marketing campaign of the NBA during the 1980s and 1990s. Although basketball was popular in the United States during the 1980s, there was very little international interest in the sport. But that all changed during the mid 1980s and 1990s when the NBA began to promote its stars and teams both nationally and internationally. The 1980s saw a great rivalry develop between two great teams and players. Larry Bird and the Celtics seemed to square off against Magic Johnson and the Lakers on an annual basis during this time. As their careers began to fade, Michael Jordan took over the league with his incredible style of play. Michael became an international phenomenon which was helped in part by the Dream Team’s participation in the 1992 Olympics. The team consisted of the best players in the NBA and they became ambassadors of the sport to the international community. It was at this point in time that basketball fever began to spread globally.

As the NBA’s influence began to stretch globally, more and more international players began to take interest in the sport. In the past, there were very few international players in the NBA but that has changed dramatically today. First, more and more European born basketball players began to appear in the NBA and the in Europe took hold. Now, there are players from all over the world including China, Africa and South America.

Basketball fever has gripped the globe and it’s evident by the ever-growing number of people who play the sport, both here at home and abroad. From the early days of Michael Jordan, the sport of basketball has seemed to grow in popularity year after year. Now, you can find some sort of organize basketball league in many countries around the world. With the number of international superstars in the NBA today, basketball will only continue to grow in popularity with boys and girls across the globe.

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