Electro-Mech offers: Easy Soccer Team Countdown Widget for Your Website


Looking for the best soccer countdown widget for your favorite team? Electro-Mech brings you an easy to use and incredible way to make sure everyone gets the latest countdown info, and it can be easily placed and found on your website. No need to spend hours trying to design your own or download an intricate software that gives you what they say is an easy way to create a widget. In less than five minutes, you can create your own soccer countdown widget design for your favorite team and look like a pro (without all of the time and effort).

Electro-Mech has designed a very easy click and add widget, available right on our website. This is not to be confused with a ‘gadget’ which can only be added to specific and proprietary websites. Our soccerl countdown widget allows you the ability to decide which type of view you want, add your favorite soccer team and get a code to add to your website.
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