Top 10 Advertising Ways to Target the College Student Crowd

College studentsCollege students and Gen Z aged young adults can be a rough crowd to appeal to in advertising. The target audience typically has a limited income, but the key thing to remember is: it’s all about the deal.

College aged young people are technologically savvy, desire to have top brands but are on a tight budget. When appealing to this demographic group, you need to be creative so that you offer an incentive to get their attention to buy, without giving away the store and losing money. One of the most attractive deals might be a BOGO (buy one, get one free) but remember your margins are slipping when you use the word ‘free’.
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What does it Cost to Advertise at Sporting Events?

NFL games are undoubtedly one of the top attendance sporting events around the country. With thousands of attendees and fans paying top dollar for tickets, it is no wonder that sponsors and advertisers consider these to be some of the premium venues for the year. The most well-known brands, and names vie for attention with imaginative marketing campaigns, all geared to get the fan to buy their products and spend money. Their marketing message does come at a price, as these are some of the most expensive advertising campaigns in existence.
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