Blackwood Football Club Adds Wow Factor with New (Soccer) Electronic Scoreboard

Blackwood Football Club

The Blackwood Football Club in Australia has a long history of some of the best football () games in the country. Always on the cutting edge, they added to that reputation when they installed the very first in their League. The scoreboard is an incredible feat of accomplishment, as it just isn’t any scoreboard, but one that offers the highest technologies with the flashiest videos and sponsor ads.

While the first unofficial soccer games in the area were recorded around 1912, the Blackwood Football Club gained its name around the 1930’s. The original team was actually a group of guys from the local railway company. It was their incredible team spirit on the job that cascaded over into a number of outstanding games. Overcoming a variety of challenges, including wartime, the group formed and reformed and eventually became the Blackwood Football Club.

Attendance of the soccer games increased and fans in Australia have to be applauded as some of the most loyal and passionate in the world. The colors of the team started out as green uniform with a red sash, but eventually changed to the current green with red collar. These colors are now famous throughout the area, as fans recognize and applaud the incredible team moves on the field. The team stands by their 1912 starting time and is one of the oldest soccer/football teams in the world. Boasting proudly of their over one hundred years of playing, the bleachers are always filled with supportive attendees.

As part of the Hills League, the pride of The Blackwood Football Club was given a boost with the decision to purchase an electronic scoreboard. This isn’t just any scoreboard; this is an incredible presentation of high tech, visual and audio perfection. The Mitcham Council was more than happy to offer funding for the scoreboard, and if you check out the video on the internet, you will see why. The new scoreboard offers a high resolution LED display, complete with video and graphic clips. The sponsors, some of which have been supporting the team for over thirty years, have a great opportunity to show their advertising in a way that rivals the best television ads.

As the electronic scoreboard was constructed and built, fans could watch the progress online with up-to-date photos and videos. The information was also updated on the podcast maintained for the sports enthusiasts of the area called ‘The Huddle’. Fans in the area got their first glimpse of the completed project and were not disappointed when they saw the presentation for the first game. This electronic scoreboard brought the game of soccer (football in Australia) to the next level. A well planned and executed layer of videos bring the average fan into a state of anticipation. The sponsor ads are brilliantly presented, in a manner that is completely professional.

The completion of the electronic scoreboard was just in time for one of their most competitive games. While everyone was looking forward to seeing the electronic scoreboard, the hype absolutely equaled the visual display. The crowds cheered on!


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