Pros and Cons of the LED Scrolling Message Board

Led Scrolling Message BoardAdvertising these days has evolved to a whole new level. The advancements in technology have allowed the advertising industry to change the intent and angles of their advertisements. Ads have the capabilities to reach anyone in any age group, gender, and culture to a whole new degree. The more clever the technology, the more clever the advertisment. The is one of those bits of technology that has been a part of the evolution in the advertisement industry. However recently there has been controversy concerning just how useful or necessary the LED scrolling message board is. To help clear up any concerns anyone may have about the LED scrolling message board I will provide the positives and negatives behind and scrolling message boards.

I have been in the sports advertisement business for years and know a lot concerning LED and other LED advertisement product. The LED has done wonders for the advertisement business and I personally don’t see a lot of negatives with the LED scrolling message board. However, users of the LED scrolling message board should be aware of the intent they have for it before buying one. An LED scrolling message board is not a billboard and is not intended to reach the masses in the same manner. LED scrolling message boards work best for indoor use. Unless you plan on spending a lot of money to have a giant LED billboard built so that you can attract everyone around, it is unnecessary to have one other than for the purposes of displaying your message to those passing by. The main purpose behind the scrolling message board is so that people who are generally already walking in that direction can see whatever it is being advertised. The LED scrolling message board is also meant for small time advertising purposes. LED advertisement billboards are also considered to be a distraction on the highway and roadways. Some have argued that the flashing lights and images are a distraction to drivers.

However the advantages more than make up for the negatives of LED advertisement billboards. The advantages aren’t many considering the purpose of the LED advertisement billboards is the advantage itself. The only thing that these devices are made for are to attract the crowd and advertise a message. Whether that message is to inform you of a Friday special or to buy a certain beer, advertisements are meant to attract and inform and they do so in the most innovative and effective ways. Business groups come up with the most clever slogans and images to attract the public as much as they can. The effectiveness of advertisements billboards is so great that billboards have been in use for over 50 years in America. Advertisement billboards are also used to display not just advertisements but also important public messages. During times of war, billboards were helped to increase mobilization in America. During World War 2 billboards were used to not only boost the morale of the American public but to inform them of important opportunities and services the government was offering. LED scrolling message boards and advertisement billboards definitely make up for any negatives they have.

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