Football, Basketball or Baseball: in Which Sport Tennessee Teams Have Been The Most Successful

Tennessee is a state that has seen great success with their team sports, but which sport has been the most successful in the state: football, basketball, or baseball? The answer will depend in part on who you talk to, and on which team sports use the most modern and up to date equipment and technology, such as LED electronic scoreboards, training equipment, better facilities, and more. When it comes to baseball, a number of high schools and colleges in the state have purchased and installed a new scoreboard, with the goal of helping the students feel the enthusiasm and support from larger crowds of sports fans. This can encourage players to give their best, and play better than ever. The Farragut High School baseball team had an excellent season and year, going to the 2009 State Championships and winning. This gives the team three championship wins in the last four years, and in the last seven years the team took the State Championship five times. This team is considered one of the best teams in the state, and possibly the nation, no matter what classification is considered. One key player in the championship game this year was Curt Powell, who plays the position of shortstop and has been named the area Player of the Year for Knoxville, as well as the winner of the Gatorade Baseball Player of the Year Award for the entire state.

Basketball is another team sport played in Tennessee, and this sport has also seen some success in the past but not as much as the other sports. This year is no exception when it comes to the men’s basketball team at the University of Tennessee. In the two previous seasons the Vols had advanced to the regionals, giving basketball sports fans a thrill, and expectations were high this year. The team did not make it to the regionals, however, and their season was not one of success and accomplishments this year.

It did not seem to matter whether they played in a state of the art sports complex, with electronic baseball scoreboards installed in many places and the latest technological advancements, or if the game was at a small school with no electronic scoreboard and an older facility. The Volunteers just could not seem to get their game together enough to advance, and this was a big let down for basketball sports fans at the University of Tennessee, and around the state.

Football seems to be the team sport that Tennessee has had the most success at through the years. The University of Tennessee has a long and rich history of football success going back many years. Through history this school has seen nineteen players and three coaches be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame, and the university has also produced many football players who were named All American. Recent players who have received this honor include Eric Berry and Daniel Lincoln in the year 2007, Robert Meachem and Aaron Sears in 2006, Kevin Burnett in 2004 along with Jesse Mahelona and Micheal Munoz, and many more. The team has also participated in a large number of bowl games as well, winning a big percentage of them. When it comes to team sports and sports fans in Tennessee, football seems to be the one sport that is the most successful here, although the other sports are also quite popular and see varying degrees of success as well. Most high schools and colleges in this state boast of a football team, a basketball team, and a baseball team, but when it comes to football the fans are more enthusiastic and turn out in larger numbers to cheer on their team.

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