Baseball Teams of Stratford Academy at Macon, Georgia Have Strong Winning Traditions

When it comes to baseball and winning traditions, Stratford Academy in Macon, Georgia has what it takes. This southern school was founded in the year 1960, and the campus contains more than seventy acres, much of it lush and wooded. It is a region 2AAA school, and it has a long and rich history when it comes to baseball success, as well as other team sport achievements. The school recently made a decision to install new electronic scoreboards, to boost team spirit and draw in more sports fans and visitors. The equipment chosen was the Baseball Scoreboard 1550, and it was a terrific choice for a number of reasons. The Stratford Academy Eagles baseball team has a long history of success and winning, going back to the first time the school won the State Championship in 1972. Since then the school’s baseball team has taken a total of ten championships, four of them almost consecutively from 1972 to 1976. When it comes to baseball Stratford Academy is one of the best in the country, and students at this school are offered all of the support needed to succeed, whether it is in baseball, another sport, academic life, or other concerns.

The Stratford Academy Eagles baseball team is considered one of the best around, both in the past and currently. This school may be a small one by some large city standards, with only around nine hundred students from pre- kindergarten all the way through the high school grades, but it spares no expense when it comes to student activities, including baseball and other sports. Many Eagles baseball players have gone on to play baseball in college and in the major leagues, because this school trains winning baseball players who have the skills and the self esteem to play great baseball. The school offers a state of the art sports training facility, and the top notch baseball coach and athletic team have helped make this school one of the top ranked when it comes to baseball. Baseball players who are Eagle alumni and have gone on to college and pro baseball include Robbi Sovie, who went on to play for Western Carolina University and was drafted into the Detroit Tigers in 2002. Another is Russ Branyan, who went straight from the Eagles baseball team to the Cleveland Indians in 1994. This is the same year that alumni Joey Cranford was drafted into the Chicago Cubs, and alumni Buster Montgomery was drafted into the Boston Red Sox.

The Stratford Academy Eagles baseball team has produced many state champions over the years, as well as a number of fantastic college and professional baseball players. Installing new electronic scoreboards and other updated equipment will not help past teams, but the current and future baseball teams at the school may benefit immensely from these measures. Excellence in baseball is just a reflection of excellence in every aspect of student life here at the Stratford Academy, and this is responsible in part for past and current successes in baseball and other sports. Small measures, like the new scoreboard which is easy to operate and to read, show a move towards the future and new technology which is what helps students here prepare for real life and be so successful.

Baseball is a passion at this school, and since the new electronic baseball scoreboards were installed, more fans and visitors than ever come to the games to cheer on their home team and offer support. The Stratford Academy is known for an excellent baseball team with winning traditions, and it does not look like this is going to change any time in the near future.We can look forward to Stratford Academy lighting up the new scoreboards!

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