Alexander High School Baseball Team: Making it Through the 2010 Season

Douglasville, Georgia is said to be where Atlanta keeps its charm. The warm summer breezes float through the town and everywhere you look there is a unique combination of historic old and technology new. This small little big town in Georgia has a hidden surprise of talent.

Anyone visiting Douglasville will be instantly enamored by the turn of the century railroad town appeal. There are friendly neighbors, where everyone knows your name. What you might be surprised about is the fact that the Alexander High School Baseball Team is in the heart and soul of its residents. You see, in Douglasville, everyone is a Cougars fan. Coach Scott Edwards is proud that he is leading one of the best teams that Alexander High School has ever had. They are an incredible group of players that have earned a visit to participate in the State Championship.

Now don’t think its all work and no play at Alexander High School. This team spirit is carried through in everything that they do. Whether its shaving cream pie fights, dog piles on the coach or their famous mock cold shoulder after a home run, this is a team that works and plays together as one. They don’t have to work hard to get sponsors for their , the local businesses line up to have their name displayed at each game.

Alexander High School prides themselves on excellence in academic and sports ethics. The school has an incredible choice of sports selections; with teams in cheerleading, basketball, cross country, football, golf, soccer, volleyball, wrestling, swimming, fast-pitch softball and baseball. With all of the sports available, it is still the Cougars Baseball Team that tops the charts.

Alexander High School has a right to feel proud. Famed professional baseball player Matt Capps was from Alexander and went on to play for the Washington Nationals. The environment there must be right, because it isn’t uncommon to see Dave Williams, a Douglasville resident and former professional baseball pitcher, around town. Another famed resident that finds Douglasville a remote sanctuary is Oprah Winfrey.

The kids that attend Alexander High School live in one of Georgia’s finest towns. While a tour through the streets will offer the beauty of Southern charm it also experiences four wonderful seasons. In the fall you will see people walking around with sweatshirts emblazoned with the Cougars famous black and red colors. Spring and summer brings out the t-shirts and shorts in the same colors.

The town businesses are also proud sponsors of their local high school. Shop windows are lined with posters and support for the team. The booster club, called The Alexander Dugout Club, follows up with everything they can do to help the team. Alumni, parents and teachers participate in fundraisers and making sure the up to the minute news on the team is spread around the town. The baseball scoreboards are top viewing, as everyone watches the play by play results.

If you find yourself on U.S. Highway 78, don’t just stop in to catch one of the Arts Festivals or the brick pyramid fountain; talk to some of the residents and you will see that it’s easy to get caught up in the Alexander High School Cougars enthusiasm.

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