Baseball Glory of North Central High School in Kershaw, SC

North Central High School in Kershaw, SC, is a place where great baseball thrives, and this school has a lot to offer when it comes to baseball glory and opportunities. North Central High School takes baseball very seriously, and it shows. The school recently decided that the scoreboards needed to be updated with modern electronic LED equipment. The school finally decided on the Baseball Scoreboard 1070, and they have been enjoying this equipment immensely. There are windows available for the current number of balls, strikes, and outs, as well as a home and guest total scores. The inning window will display the inning currently being played, and the colors on the scoreboards can be customized to meet the school colors and individual requests. Visitors and Knights fans can tell with one glance exactly where the game is at and what is going on. The score can be seen even from seats which are placed at a distance, making it much easier to follow the game closely without squinting or eye strain.

The scoreboard is not the main reason for the baseball glory of the Knights, the players are. This does not mean that scoreboards do not matter, because they can make a big difference in the way the players play and the fans enjoy the game and show support. The lineup for the Knights is one of the reasons that the team has done so well in the past season. Number seven, Tyler Logan, has an astounding record, with eighteen runs batted in and a batting average of point three zero four. Number thirteen, Zach Lemacks, has a batting average of point three three eight and has sixteen runs batted in. Brandon Falkenberry, who is number five in the lineup, has batted in thirteen runs and has an excellent batting average of point three four nine. BJ Baker, number sixteen in the lineup, has the best batting average of all players who have played more than two games, and it is point four one nine. He has also batted in twelve runs, and is an excellent all around baseball player. Taylor Robinson, number six, Pat Humphries, number nine, and Tyler Logan, number seven, all have batting averages over three hundred as well and are very good players.

Baseball glory is no stranger to the North Central High School Knights, and part of the reason for this is the support that the team gets from the school and the students. The athletic club and school provide a number of resources and support to help the team concentrate on home runs and winning games. In the past the school has won many games and received honors for the Knights baseball team, and with the installation of new scoreboards the school is showing that the team is an important part of sports and school life for many of the students and faculty, as well as other sports fans and visitors. The scoreboard will help boost team spirit, and can encourage the team to perform better on the diamond knowing that the school is behind them. Baseball success and glory can be found in teams that are secure and have good morale, so that their concentration can be focused solely on playing well. This is the case at North Central High School, and this is one of the reasons that the team has been so successful. The new scoreboard may not seem like a big deal to some, but the investment made by the school is one that will be paid off many times over by increased attendance and improved team spirit and performance.

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