The Top 10 Worthless Players in the NBA

The Top 10 Worthless Players In the NBA

Whilst the NBA, like any other commercialized sport, has its fair share of super talented and world renowned players, it also has a number of players in its ranks who clearly shouldn’t be there. In this basketball feature, I have selected the ten NBA players who I consider to be the biggest good-for-things in the league at the moment.

10. Eric Dampier
Eric Dampier has had an average season in the league which is as good as he can hope for. He currently plays for the Miami Heat and rarely gets a look in on the team. Why? Take a look at his stats and you will see why!.

9. Jamaal Magloire
Another useless Heat center, Jamaal Magloire is good for nothing. Having spent 10 years in the league with different franchises, he has improved very little nothing. God knows why the Heat have him on their roster and why have they extended his contract!

8. Johan Petro
Averaging just 3.5 points per game, Johan Petro is another useless player in the league. He played 77 games this season but the showed that he still could not improve his scoring average! Yes, this is how useless he is.

7. Theo Ratliff
He is in his 16th season of his career and is now one of the most worthless players in the NBA. He hasn’t been useless all his career, and has actually had some good seasons as well, but now his form has declined to the point of embarrassment. This season he scored only a couple of points in 50 minutes over a span of 10 games.

6. Jeff Foster
The Indiana Pacers have been wasting money on him for the past 12 years. He has failed to average more than nine rebounds and seven points in one single season, but even with his terrible performances he has started over 300 games.

5. Joe Smith
He holds the record for playing for the most number of teams in the NBA, but he still is a worthless player. In his 16 year career he hasn’t done anything really of note, and has managed a scoring average of 0.5 per game!

4. B.J. Mullens
He started his career in 2009 and is already one of the useless players in NBA. Up till now he has only managed a scoring average of 1.2 per game.

3. Hasheem Thabeet
He started his career in 2009 but was sent to the development league twice. He was supposed to be a block specialist but ended up being a defensive flop!

2. Brian Scalabrine
The White Mamba received a ring for absolutely no reason. The Bulls have him but few people know why. He truly is a useless addition to their side.

1. Luke Walton
One of the most terrible players to receive multiple rings is Luke Walton. He had some decent seasons in the league in the past but now times have changed and he has transformed completely and certainly doesn’t fit into one of the best teams in the league ‘The Los Angeles Lakers.’

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