Golden City Park to Receive Donation of New Electronic Scoreboard


Ghana, West Africa might be known for their production of cocoa, but they are also renowned for their excellence in football (soccer in the U.S.). Most recently, the Golden City Park was honored to receive a donation of a well needed electronic scoreboard. This donation lit up the field and the faces of their passionate fans.

Ghana is part of the area known as the Gold Coast, a well known area of Africa. The location was originally named for the Empire of Ghana, which reflected back into the ancient past and once encompassed much of West Africa. Ghana takes great pride in being a member of a number of international and national organizations. These include everything from The United Nations, to the South Atlantic Peace and Cooperation Zone, and other well renowned organizations as the Commonwealth of Nations, the Economic Community of West African States and the African Union.
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Blackwood Football Club Adds Wow Factor with New (Soccer) Electronic Scoreboard

Blackwood Football Club

The Blackwood Football Club in Australia has a long history of some of the best football (soccer) games in the country. Always on the cutting edge, they added to that reputation when they installed the very first electronic scoreboard in their League. The scoreboard is an incredible feat of accomplishment, as it just isn’t any scoreboard, but one that offers the highest technologies with the flashiest videos and sponsor ads.

While the first unofficial soccer games in the area were recorded around 1912, the Blackwood Football Club gained its name around the 1930’s. The original team was actually a group of guys from the local railway company. It was their incredible team spirit on the job that cascaded over into a number of outstanding games. Overcoming a variety of challenges, including wartime, the group formed and reformed and eventually became the Blackwood Football Club.
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Our First Lady is Getting Kids Involved in Sports

Michelle Obama has a goal to get more of America’s kids involved in sports. Our First Lady is well aware of the nation’s propensity for overweight children and is avidly interested in getting them away from the screens and outside on the fields. Mrs. Obama is serious about this, as she is now partnered with The Partnership for a Healthier America and the U.S. Olympic Committee to start changing the behaviors of America’s kids. She announced the new “Let’s Move!” program at a meeting with athletes from the two dozen Olympic and Paralympic groups.
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