Game Timer Sports Scoreboards Modifications Review

Aside from the basic score statistics for any game, a sports scoreboard must have one other critical device: a . Of all the scoreboard sports, that is those requiring a scoreboard to quickly update data from the fast pace of competition for the spectators and teams to follow, football and basketball are the two that come to mind first at needing a for a game timer. Aside from the basic quarter or half lengths of play, both sports have several other times that must be tracked.

Football has the delay of game clock.

Basketball has the shot clock.

Both of these times are tracked through game timers on , which compared to a sport such as baseball, there is no such timer.

The Ultrak T-200 Shot Clock is an example of a efficient and effective sport scoreboard modification for game timer control. The sports clock here can be placed in a variety of places ranging from wall mounting to being placed upon a tripod. The control unit for the board is also of simplicity, being connected to a unit having two buttons by a telephone wire. The game timer also has built in sound and alerts, giving it standalone ability and functionality that does not require another sports scoreboard or audio source. The time can also be set anywhere between 0 and 60 seconds, allowing use for both basketball and football for the needs of a delay of game clock and shot clock.

Other boards like the Ultrak T-300 include the game timer as well as scores, but then also includes a period designation. The benefit to the quarter/period/half designation is self explanatory; it determines how far the game has progressed and how much is left. While not being as specific in use, it does make up for it in overall ability to lay out the details required for display during a game.

The Electro-mech 2106 LED Basketball timer is another example of a game timer that serves to compliment a sports scoreboard. The importance of a sports clock to repeat and relay information, specifically the time, is paramount. Many games are decided in the final seconds of competition, and where the 2106 is designed to work specifically with other indoor sports scoreboards by Electro-mech.

The Electro-mech 2160 is comparable to the Ultrak T-200. Red LED’s light the board and it also has the ability to track time for up to 60 seconds, counting down. These come in a set of 2 units as well, and have a visual indicator lit by a set of red LED’s depicting an integrated horn. The control unit also supports the functionality of various other 2000 series Electro-Mech scoreboards and are ruggedly designed for longevity.

No matter what devices you choose to accessorize a sports scoreboard, a game timer should not be a thing overlooked or bought from a bargain dealer. The importance of the device cannot be stressed enough and accuracy in timing is crucial to maintaining the sanctity and fairness of the sport at play.

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