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Hockey is a sport known to cause strong emotions, and sports fans either love or hate the teams, and the players. The NHL seasons for the last few years have been filled with fights, fans, and plenty of action and excitement, not that seasons before these were dull by any means. In the 2008 season, the first game played was played between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the New York Rangers, and the game on November third between the New York Islanders and the Columbus Blue Jackets was fascinating, and went into overtime. The scoreboards were kept lit up all season long, as one team after another delivered. The Atlanta Thrashers lost to the Tampa Bay Lightning, with the scoreboards displaying three to two, so the game was by no means a clear win from the beginning. During the 2008 season the economy and hockey financing was raised publicly for the first time, when reports started circulating that the Phoenix Coyotes were in trouble and would probably see a loss for the season that totaled around thirty five million dollars. This was also a season for coaches being fired and scandals erupting. The New York Rangers, the Ottawa Senators, the Colorado Avalanche, and the Pittsburgh Penguins all saw a new coach come into the mix. The Pittsburgh Penguins went on to play the Detroit Redwings for the Stanley Cup this season, and to win four of the games and the Stanley Cup trophy.

The 2007 NHL season was just as good. This was the season where the Stanley Cup trophy was won for the first time ever by the Anaheim Ducks, when they beat out the Ottawa Senators and took home the glory. The Buffalo Sabers won the President's Trophy, and the Boston Bruins took home the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy. The Lady Bing was taken home by Detroit Redwings player Pavel Datsyuk, and the Frank J. Selke Trophy was given to Carolina Hurricanes player Rod Brind'Amour. This season was one that caused many scoreboards to wear out, and need to be replaced. This was also a season of firsts, including the first NHL player of Japanese descent. This player is Yutaka Fukufuji, who started playing for the Los Angeles Kings during the 2007 NHL season. Several great teams made it to the Conference Quarter Finals this season. These teams include the San Jose Sharks, the Nashville Predators, the Vancouver Canucks, the Dallas Stars, the Minnesota Wild, the Anaheim Ducks, the Calgary Flames, the Detroit Redwings, the Atlanta Thrashers, The New York Rangers, the New Jersey Devils, the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Buffalo Sabers, and the New York Islanders. The last three or four NHL seasons have been ones that drew amazing crowds and sports fan support. When the NHL teams are playing, the scoreboard usually does not stop increasing. These teams and players give their all to the game, and it really shows on the ice. The NHL season is one that can be full of great hockey and entertainment, and for the past few years this has really been the case.

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