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NFL football is a very exciting sport, and millions of fans follow the teams and players through each season, faithfully attending games and watching the scoreboards to cheer on their favorite team. Every season has moments both great and terrible, and teams which make it all the way and those that fail to make it very far. The 2008 NFL season was one that had many sports fans on the edge of their seats. The Pittsburgh Steelers won Super Bowl XLIII, beating out the Arizona Cardinals with a final score of twenty seven to twenty three. Some of the first games of the 2008 season showed a scoreboard with smaller scores at times, because the teams were not quite warmed up all the way, but there was still plenty of excitement in the air. The Indianapolis Colts and the Washington Redskins played in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game, with the Redskins winning by a final score of thirty to sixteen. The Pittsburgh Steelers and Buffalo Bills played the beginning game of the Toronto Series, with Buffalo winning twenty four to twenty one. The NFL Kickoff Game for this season was between the Washington Redskins and the New York Giants. New York took this game with a score of sixteen to seven. The International Series game was located in London, and the game was played between the New Orleans Saints and the San Diego Chargers. The Saints took the game, and the international acclaim that went with winning. This NFL season was closely watched, with millions of football fans following the games and teams.

2007 was also a great season for the NFL, with scoreboards all over the country racking up the points during these games. This season started off great, and just got better. The Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants played in Dallas at the start of the season, and the Cincinnati Bengals played the Baltimore Ravens at home. No matter which teams were playing this season, the scoreboards saw quite a bit of activity. The Super Bowl XLII was played at the end of the 2007 NFL season, with the New England Patriots facing off against the New York Giants. The Giants went on to win the game, with a scoreboard reflecting the final seventeen to fourteen score. This game was close, and brought fans to their feet several times. Both the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks made it to the playoff games, along with a number of other great teams from both the American and National leagues. The New York Giants and the Green Bay Packrs made it to the NFC Championships this season, and the AFC Championship game included the San Diego Chargers and the New England Patriots. The last few NFL seasons have been full of surprises and twists, and this has made the game of football even more exciting than ever. No matter which league or team is the favorite, all of the games draw in many viewers and visitors, and there are many good reasons for this.

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