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MLS soccer has many fans, and with the last few seasons it is not hard to see why. Between the excitement that many of the teams bring to the field, and all the media hype about certain players like David Beckham, soccer has become a very exciting event which draws thousands of fans for each game. Whether the fans follow the Eastern Conference teams or the Western Conference teams, or both, it is a sure bet that the scoreboards are closely watched during the game. In the 2009 season, the MLS rankings showed some teams that were excellent. Out of seventeen games played, the D.C. United won five, lost three, and tied for an astounding nine games. The Chicago Fire played fifteen games during the 2009 season in the rankings, and they won six, lost three, and tied for six games. The Columbus Crew tied in eight out of the sixteen games they played, winning five and losing eight. In the Western Conference, there were also a large number of scoreboards which showed identical scores for either team. The Los Angeles Galaxy tied in nine of the sixteen games played, with four games won and three games lost. The Seattle Sounders FC played sixteen games, and of those six were wins, three were losses, and seven games ended in a tie. The Houston Dynamo won nine out of sixteen games, with three losses and four tied games, making them one of the most successful teams and a leader for the 2009 season.

The 2009 season was not the first one that saw great attendance and games for MLS. In both the 2008 and 2007 seasons teams from both the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference brought the crowds to their feet and made the scoreboards really work hard. These full season rankings really showed just how far soccer has come, and the professional teams along with the sport. In 2008, the Columbus Crew won the highest number of games at seventeen, with seven losses and six games that ended as a tie. The Chicago Fire and the Houston Dynamo both won thirteen out of their thirty games for the 2008 season, and the New England Revolution and the Club Deportivo Chivas USA both won twelve of the thirty games. The 2007 MLS season was also very entertaining for soccer fans. The DC United saw sixteen wins this season, with seven losses and seven tied games, and the Club Deportivo Chivas USA won fifteen games, for an average win rate of fifty percent. Soccer has gained a lot of international attention during the last few seasons, and many of the teams in the MLS have played better than most fans expected. Soccer has become much more exciting, with fans being very loyal and quite vocal in their support. It has even become more common for soccer fans to travel across the country, sometimes going as far as traveling to other countries as well, just to watch their favorite teams play the game of soccer in person, and to follow the results on the scoreboard.

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