Best Dribbling Exercises for Your Fingers

Dribbling Exercises

There are certain basic fundamentals in the sport of basketball such as shooting, passing, rebounding, defense, and of course, dribbling. To improve a player’s ball handling ability, there are several dribbling exercises for players of all ages and skill levels to practice. After all, dribbling is one of the most important skills of the game and every player needs to have some ability in order to be successful.

Most people think that dribbling a basketball is done with one’s hands but that is not entirely correct. To have full control over the ball, a great ball handler dribbles with his fingertips, not with the palms of their hands. Therefore, to become a great ball handler you have to develop strength and coordination in your fingers.

The first dribbling exercise that can help you develop the finger strength you need to become a great ball handler is quite simple to learn. You start off with your weak hand, which in most cases, would be a player’s left hand. Getting down on one knee, the player begins to dribble the basketball with his left hand. The idea is to dribble the ball with your fingertips as close to the ground as you possibly can. The closer to the ground, the faster the dribble will be. Slapping at the ball with the palms of your hand will not allow you to control the ball or pick up the speed required to execute the drill properly. After five minutes, switch hands and repeat the procedure with the right hand. To become a great basketball player it’s important to be able to dribble well with both hands. Therefore it’s a good idea to spend extra time on your weak hand to help develop its strength and dexterity.

Another great dribbling exercise to help build up your finger strength involves crossing the ball between each hand. To be able to execute this maneuver is extremely important, especially for point guards and shooting guards. Point guards especially need to be able to switch hands and change directions quickly in order to be effective. A great way to accomplish this is to practice switching the ball between your legs or behind your back. Although a flashy looking move, switching the ball between your legs or behind your back places your body between the defender and the ball. In order to practice this move effectively, you need to develop the coordination in your fingertips. Start by bending your knees and extending your legs a bit wider than shoulder width apart. Then pass the ball from your right hand to your left hand and vice versa. Again, the object is to keep the ball as low as possible by controlling it with your fingertips. As you continue to practice, you’ll develop the feel for controlling the basketball and becoming a great ball handler.

The important thing for young players to learn is the basic fundamental of dribbling with your fingertips instead of your palms. By executing these simple dribbling exercises, players can develop the skills to make them exceptional ball handlers.

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