NFL Combine Position Drills: Defensive Back

NFL Combine Position Drills

In a football scoreboards feature, I have continued my review of the combine drill. The final group of athletes to work out every year at the combine is the defensive backs. Out of all the drills for defensive backs, the favorite of the coaches at the combine is the “speed turn” drill.

What Happens In The Drill?
A coach will start a defensive back at a back paddle, which is the basis for everything a defensive back does. The coach starts the defensive back at a back paddle of 5 – 10 yards, and then (the coach) will motion the athlete to comeback towards him. Therefore, the athlete is changing directions during his paddle. He moves towards the coach and then the coach gives the athlete a speed turn direction. This simulation emulates a scenario much like in a man-to-man play. This is a double move in which the athlete will have to plant, pivot, keep his weight and hips down, turn and go. This leaves the athlete’s back completely to the quarterback, like it would be in a speed turn in man-to-man. At approximately 15 to 20 yards, as the athlete is running, he has to turn around and locate the football.
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The NFL Combine Position Drills: Linebacker

Position Drills: Linebacker

In a football scoreboards feature, I have taken a look at the linebacker position in the NFL combine. The favorite drill for all team representatives at the combine for the linebacker is the pass-drop and hip rotation drill.

What Happens in the Drill?
In this drill, a football scoreboards coach stands across you and starts you with a 5 yard back-paddle for (by motioning you with the football in his hands). Then he will turn his hand one-way or the other (left or right), giving you a direction to run into. As soon as he directs you, you open your hips and drive in that direction without turning your back on the coach. You must always keep your eyes on the coach no matter which way you are directed into. The coach is going to give you 3 more changes of directions (of his choosing). The quickness of your response to the coach’s abrupt changes in direction is all that the team representatives need for gauging the swiftness or stiffness of your movements. This drill exposes athletes who cannot move or are unable to move fluidly in a given space.
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