Dallas Cowboys’ Draft Needs

  • Most experts expect the for 2009 will focus on the offensive line and the defensive secondary
  • Dallas traded its first-round and third-round picks for Detroit receiver Roy Williams
  • Owner Jerry Jones’s unorthodox make any predictions about the Cowboys a hazardous business

Here at Electro-Mech, we offer electronic football scoreboards but we also offer the latest news about all things football. Check out our other articles about football news, trends and scandals. For now, we’ll direct our attention the Dallas Cowboys.

Off-Season Housecleaning

Dallas Cowboys fans are still sorting through the frenzy of activity that took place in the front office during this off-season. Character seems to have found new currency in the locker room, as controversial players Terrell Owens, Pacman Jones, and Tank Johnson were either cut or allowed to enter the free agent market. Former All-Pro safety Roy Williams also was let go. To make matters more confusing, the Cowboys obtained a different Roy Williams – the receiver from the Detroit Lions in exchange for its first-round and third-round picks in the 2009 draft. One other notable name is former all-pro linebacker Keith Brooking, whom the Cowboys signed as a free agent to replace Zach Thomas.

First Cowboys Pick Is #51

The Cowboys will have to wait until the second round for their first opportunity to choose a player in this year’s draft. Most experts think that they will use the 51st pick to choose a player for the defensive backfield or the offensive line. Complicating this picture is their recent signing of free agent safety Gerald Sensabaugh from the Jacksonville Jaguars. He is seen as a solid backup safety but questions linger about how good he is as a starter.

If the Cowboys do choose to upgrade their defensive backs in the second round, several names have been bandied about. Oregon strong safety Patrick Chung has the reputation of having excellent football instincts and good tackling skills. Louis Delmas, a cornerback from Western Michigan, is a physical player despite being a bit on the small side. Cincinnati corner Mike Mickens has recovered nicely from a knee injury and has impressed scouts with his ability to break quickly on the ball.

Other Possibilities

Another possibility for the Cowboys’ second-round pick is an offensive guard or center. This year’s draft is seen by scouts as a particularly good one for offensive lineman. The question for the Cowboys is whether they can afford to wait until the fourth round to address this need. Many think they can. If they do decide to take a lineman in the second round, possible choices include Louisville center Eric Wood and Oklahoma tackle Duke Robinson. Both have shown the ability to play guard. Wood’s workouts for scouts have been so good he may be chosen before the ’Boys have a crack at him. Robinson is a devastating run blocker.

There is always the possibility that the Cowboys will use their second-round pick to take someone at a different position whom they have ranked highly. If they do not re-sign some of their own free-agent wide receivers, they may draft one to take some of the coverage heat off Roy Williams. They might also consider a quarterback, since they have only aging veteran Jon Kitna as a tenable backup to Tony Romo. Whatever their draft choices are, the Cowboys can console themselves that they are sure to make a splash with their new $1.1 billion stadium.

4 thoughts on “Dallas Cowboys’ Draft Needs

  1. The Cowboys are in a really sticky position right now and they are going to have a hard time filling in this mess they are in. Picking 51st is a rough way to go. Like the Giants, they are going to have to really look into free and unrestricted agents to fill their gaps. While TO was a real pain in the bazooka, I though he did well with Romo.

  2. I’m glad to see TO gone. Some of these football players like him and Burress don’t deserve to play and are terrible rolemodels. Look at Stallworth. Great career ahead of him; screwed it up by driving drunk. The Cowboys now have some money to get some better players.

  3. Are they drefting new cheerleaders? 😀

    No seriously, I feel that getting of TO is going to be a major boon for the team. While it seemed that he had finally found his place in the football world, he was just too much of a bad seed to make it last in Dallas.

  4. The draft for the Cowboys was king of interesting especially with the pick of Stephen McGhee. He’s going to be a nice addition as backup for Romo, but I would’ve liked to have seen him sitting somewhere on a bench as second string and not third behind Kitna. Michael Hamlin will prove to be valuable in safety and while Manuel Johnson should be a surprise power house in the WR position, I would’ve thought they’d take more. And don’t let small WRs fool you. Look at the Steeler’s Hines Ward. He’s broken boocoo records.

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