Football Drills for the Running Back

Running Back Drills

  • Running back drills should emphasize getting a quick start, securing the handoff, evading tacklers, catching passes, and blocking, according to football drills expert Tom Bass
  • Taking the proper stance puts the running back in position to get a good start
  • Proper footwork and hand position are the keys to securing the handoff
  • Learning to make good cuts and crossovers can help the running back elude the defensive lineman in his path.
  • Running good routes are the basis of a running back’s success in catching passes
  • A running back can increase his value by becoming a good blocker

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Football Drills for the Defensive Lineman

Defensive Line Drills

  • The defensive lineman makes contact with the opponent every time he is on the field. His physically demanding position requires tremendous focus, as he is always in the middle of the action
  • According to football drills expert Tom Bass, defensive line drills should emphasize taking the proper stance, moving on the ball, defeating blocks and separating from blocks, and rushing the quarterback
  • Defensive line drills can incorporate tackling drills and agility drills

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