Model LX6740 Soccer Scoreboard

Model LX6740 is the founding member of a series of Soccer scoreboards big enough to hold their own at the largest sports facilities.  These scoreboards boast 26 feet of Soccer statistics: Shots on Goal, Corner Kicks, Saves, and Points for each team.  An often overlooked convenience is the built-in Horn that sounds at the end of the Period.  The Horn body is protected inside the scoreboard cabinet, while the projector (or "trumpet" as some folks call it) extends out of the cabinet's face to direct the sound toward the field and spectators.
Upgrade to Electronic Team Names (ETNs)
  • Dimensions: 26 ft x 8 ft 11 ft × 3 ft 11 ft × 3 ft
  • Weight: 600 lb 480 lbs 480 lbs
  • Digit Height: 24 in, 18 in
  • Electrical: 120 VAC, 3.7 amps 120 VAC, 10.6 amps 120 VAC, 4.8 amps 120 VAC, 7.6 amps

Choose Colors:

  • Scoreboard Face
  • Accent Striping
  • LED Color
  • Currently Showing:  
  • Icy Blue White White Red
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Documentation and Details:

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Model LX6740 Installation Examples:
  • Moraine Valley Community College
    Palos Hills, IL, 60465
  • Converse College
    Spartanburg, SC, 29302