Model LX1165 Baseball Scoreboard

The LX116x series is an expansion of our popular LX1060 Softball/Baseball scoreboard design.  With customers often requesting the addition of Pitch Count and Timers to the original 10 ft. x 5 ft. scoreboard, we decided to offer an array of standard packages in a single 10 ft. x 7 ft. cabinet.  For Pitch Count only, select LX1160.  Or combine Pitch Count with a Timer.  Or choose the Timer without Pitch Count.  All the combinations in this series offer the option to upgrade to Electronic Team Names.

Model LX1165 offers 11-inch tall LED digits forming a 3-digit Timer to count Hours and Minutes.  This style of Clock is useful for timing a series of games or other events that last several hours.  To the left of the Hours digit you will see a Clock Activity Indicator that blinks to let you know when the Clock is running.
Upgrade to Electronic Team Names (ETNs)
  • Dimensions: 10 ft x 7 ft 11 ft × 3 ft 11 ft × 3 ft
  • Weight: 220 lb 480 lbs 480 lbs
  • Digit Height: 18 in, 11 in
  • Electrical: 120 VAC, 1.4 amps 120 VAC, 2.6 amps 120 VAC, 4.8 amps 120 VAC, 7.6 amps

Choose Colors:

  • Scoreboard Face
  • Accent Striping
  • LED Color
  • Currently Showing:  
  • Egyptian Blue White White Amber
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Model LX1165 Installation Examples:
  • Garland Softball Assoc.
    Tyler, TX, 75708