The Spectrum: Heart and Soul of Philadelphia

Anyone that lived in Philadelphia from the late 60’s until the 2,000’s, knew and loved ‘The Spectrum’. While it was called by many other names, including: The Wachovia Spectrum, CoreStates Spectrum, and First Union Spectrum, it was and always will be known as simply ‘The Spectrum’ by the locals.

Oddly named in 1967 when it opened, the letters are actually an acronym: ‘SP’ represents ‘sports’ and has also been referred to as ‘South Philadelphia. The ‘E’ for ‘entertainment,’ as it was planned to host a variety of venues. The ‘C’ for the many ‘circuses,’ that would be there. The ‘T’ for all of the ‘theatricals,’ plays, drama and movie backdrops. The ‘R’ for ‘recreation,’ which covered a lot of topics. And ‘UM’, well they decided that would stand for: ‘um, what a nice building!”.
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Final Game at the Wachovia Spectrum in Philadelphia

Wachovia Spectrum in PhiladelphiaThe end of an era is near in Pennsylvania as the city prepares to say goodbye to the legendary Wachovia Spectrum in Philadelphia in the fall of 2009–the place is getting demolished to make room for a new hotel and shopping plaza. The final basketball game took place on March 13, 2009 and the basketball game final score gave everyone in Philly a smile. As the modernization of the South Philadelphia Sports Complex has progressed, the Spectrum was the final relic from an era before malls and sports arenas combined.
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