Raleigh, North Carolina: The Capital of Baseball and Hockey

Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh is one of the few U.S. cities that were actually built with plans for it to be a state capital. What few people know is that the location was chosen because it was only eleven miles from the most popular tavern that was popular with the legislators of the state. The Raleigh of today represents the many years of planning and devotion to create a city that proudly displays its history along side with some of the top industries in the nation. Raleigh is also home to some of the hottest hockey games in any of the sourthern states. The PNC Arena hosts record attendance with the hockey scoreboards vibrating with the electricity of the games and the Center-Finley Stadium has some of the best baseball games that you will ever see.
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Manon Rheaume: Achieving her dream in hockey

Manon Rhueme: Achieving her dream in hockey

Manon Rheaume set the standards for women in hockey, breaking many preset boundaries for the sport. As a goaltender, she played in the professional minor leagues on seven teams leading her to play on the Canadian Women’s national hockey team that propelled them to win medals in the Women’s World Championship and Winter Olympics.

Rheaume was an unassuming lady from Lac-Beauport, Quebec, Canada. But hockey was in her blood at an early age. At the age of 3, she donned her first pair of hockey skates and began dreaming of playing on a real team. Her younger brother also played hockey and Manon would volunteer in the goalie net as practice for him. As she got older, it didn’t matter how talented she was. Getting involved in any of the games was rough, simply because she was a girl.

The tenacity that Rheaume demonstrated paid off. In a 1991-1992 season, Rheaume broke all preconceived ideas about women in hockey when she played in a Junior A men’s hockey game. Her talent was apparent and she set new standards of perception when it came to the role women could play in hockey.
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Gordie Howe: One of the best in the history of hockey

Gordie Howe: One of the best in the history of hockey

Fans of hockey are not only familiar with the name of Gordie Howe, but most know just about everything about him. Howe overcame incredible odds to become a hockey legend and set an incredible number of records during his playing era.

Born in 1928 in the midst of the depression, Gordie was from a rather poor family in Saskatoon, Canada. A hard working father set a work ethic for Gordie, but the family’s bad financial condition left Gordie as an undernourished and often ill child. Awkward and often shy, he found it difficult to deal with other people. By the time he was five years old, he got his first pair of used ice skates and fell into a love of skating that would last his entire life.
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Hockey Scoreboards and Hockey Scoring System

Hockey Scoring System

The hockey scoring system that your school or facility has in place says a lot about how much you value this sport. When it comes to this component your options are almost unlimited when you choose Electro-Mech for all your hockey scoreboards and scoring equipment needs. There are several factors that should be determined before you choose a scoreboard model or any customization and accessories. New equipment can make your school or facility much more inviting and attractive. Your first decision should be the size of the scoreboard that you want. You can choose from a smaller version that does not need much room or a large and imposing model, depending on the available space, preferences and budget. Next you need to decide whether you are going to go wired or choose a wireless version.
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Light Up Your Team’s Ice with the LED Hockey Scoreboard

Led Hockey Scoreboard

Hockey fans are some of the most dedicated and wild fans in the sports industry. The speed and hard hitting contact on the ice is just the kind of explosive sport that fans love to watch and get just as live with. In the stands we erupt with shouts, pounding, and screaming with every shot, hit, and goal. We all love the action so much that we even buy noise makers such as fog horns and thunder sticks to let our team know that we are behind them and to tell the other team we don’t want them here. At every hockey game if there is one thing that fans love it’s the way the scoreboard at a hockey game lights up and the horn goes off at full blast emitting an ear ringing wave of noise, letting everyone know that we have scored. A hockey game is what it is because of the LED hockey scoreboard and the alarm that goes off when we score. Players zoom all over the ice as fast as possible booming into each other and slapping sticks trying to get the one up on each other. However none of it matters until someone sets off the alarm signifying a goal has been earned. When the alarms goes off and the lights start flashing is when we as fans fully come alive. That is why the LED hockey scoreboard is so essential to the game.
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Quality Hockey Scoreboards: Best Choice for Your School (College)

Quality Hockey ScoreboardsElectro-Mech is known for producing many quality hockey scoreboards. They have a full line of products, including college hockey scoreboards. Electro-Mech has been in the game of making electronic hockey scoreboards for 45 years and is well known for its quality service. You don’t want to skimp on quality to save a few bucks only to find out that your hockey scoreboards are broken. With Electro-Mech, you know you are getting quality hockey scoreboards. They have a wide variety of electronic hockey scoreboards that will fit your needs. From the top of the line Model 8850, to the light weight Model 8350, Electro-Mech’s got you covered for all your hockey scoreboards needs.
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Way to Ice the Fire: Electronic Hockey Scoreboards

Electronic Hockey Scoreboards

There are many different models of electronic hockey scoreboards on the market today. When it comes to hockey scoreboards, you get what you pay for. LED hockey scoreboards serve an integral role in any hockey game, whether it is just a recreational league or if it is for an athletic program. Buy hockey scoreboards that you know will put in day in and day out for you. Electronic hockey scoreboards are important for any hockey match for several reasons, including that it keeps the fans involved, it helps the game be administrated precisely, and it motivates the players to perform at their utmost. Electro-Mech is one of the leaders in hockey scoreboards. They have been producing innovative hockey scoreboards for almost 50 years, so you know you’re getting quality electronic hockey scoreboards when you buy from them.
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