Raleigh, North Carolina: The Capital of Baseball and Hockey

Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh is one of the few U.S. cities that were actually built with plans for it to be a state capital. What few people know is that the location was chosen because it was only eleven miles from the most popular tavern that was popular with the legislators of the state. The Raleigh of today represents the many years of planning and devotion to create a city that proudly displays its history along side with some of the top industries in the nation. Raleigh is also home to some of the hottest hockey games in any of the sourthern states. The PNC Arena hosts record attendance with the vibrating with the electricity of the games and the Center-Finley Stadium has some of the best games that you will ever see.

The city was originally named after Sir Walter Raleigh, who was prominent in the establishment of Roanoke Colony at Roanoke Island. The city experienced a level of good prosperity as the state and area continued to grow. The Civil War brought trouble to the area, but Raleigh was spared much of the destruction. The precarious balance of freed slaves, combined with post war problems slowed the community down to a snail’s crawl of progress. It was ironic that it was the African Americans themselves who returned and built colleges and universities, which increased the growth of the area.

This was a pivotal turning point in the history of Raleigh, as education became the focus of the residents and legislators alike. The twentieth century also brought the performing arts and visual arts to the forefront as the people of Raleigh began to elevate their city to be known as an area of culture. Industry also took notice and the metropolitan region known as combined the collegiate availability with industrial corporate offices.

The historical museums of Raleigh dot the area with interesting notes of the days gone by. Since many of the homes and architecture managed to remain during the various conflicts, there are period homes and construction that remain today in good standing. Raleigh has had good fortune on this count and the people take a great sense of pride in sharing their history. The downtown area, also known as Old Raleigh, exhibits a combination of the old world historic side by side with the newer buildings. A center and hub of activity, with excellence in dining, cuisine choices and hospitality.

Sports are a big topic in Raleigh and while everyone may have their favorite team, they are all incredible fans of every sport. From hockey, to baseball and football, as well as soccer and basketball, the support received from Raleigh is unconditional. The people of Raleigh are devoted fans, with some of the highest technology in sports today. Hockey scoreboards as well as baseball and football are the main focus as they cheer their teams to victory. Research Triangle has hosted golfing tournaments and the sports stadiums are usually packed with local games.

The natural beauty of the Raleigh area is not forgotten. The city has allocated an incredible array of parks, recreation spots, botanical gardens and hiking areas. North Carolina experiences the four seasons, even though it is considered to be in the subtropical zone, and some of the loveliest scenery can be viewed in spring and fall.

Raleigh is now home to some of the highest tech corporations in the country, spanning telecommunications, medical, electronics and the banking/financial industry. It has come a long way from their origins and it appears it will continue on its climb to success.


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