Five Biggest NFL Football Bloopers – Updated Article With Extra Information

American Football Bloopers

At Electro-Mech, we manufacture and sell football scoreboards. In addition, we have a blog that follows what’s new and what’s interesting in the world of football, basketball, soccer and baseball. In this article we look at the five biggest bloopers ever made in the NFL.

Blooper 5: The missed punt.

It was the 1986 playoff game in Chicago against the Giants. It was a freezing cold January day with a strong wind. Just the sort of wind that kickers and kick returners fear. Sean Landeta, a second season punter, became the victim of the wind. As he attempted to punt close to his end near the beginning of the game, a massive gust of wind took the ball away from him as he dropped it and he barely got any foot on it at all. Chicago then picked up the loose ball up for a touchdown, and the Bears went on to win easily. Although the blooper had no baring on the final result, it certainly didn’t look good as far as Sean Landeta was concerned!
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