Glorious Baseball History of Berrien High School

The people of Nashville Georgia has something new to be proud of: The Berrien High School Baseball Team is hosting the first round of State Baseball Playoffs. From the front page of The Berrien Press to every nook and cranny of the school, the announcement can be seen by all.

You might think that this would be a notable topic, but, when the town population is around five thousand, this is big news! Berrien High School has met nose to nose with all of the larger schools and has competed with success. Having partially grown up in a small town, I know how difficult this accomplishment has been. The smaller population town has to compete with a lesser budget. This means that you have less of everything. To reach the playoffs equates to the fact that you simply have a good coaching team and phenomenal players. Not only do they excel in sports, but, against all of the odds, Berrien High School has managed to add to their compliment of achievements by having over thirty teachers listed on the Best Teacher of the Year roster, in the last twenty five years. Their focus in academics is also notable, with a ninety three percent graduation average.

Nashville Georgia is known as the “City of Dogwoods”. While they are the largest city of Berrien County, it is also a picture of the newer more rural communities. The atmosphere and charm of the old South is blended with a look to the future. Old brick turn of the century buildings blend with newer technology. The pleasant climate brings out the beauty of the locale surrounded by parks, rivers and lovely countryside. In Nashville Georgia it’s not just that everyone knows each other, it is a memorable slice of new and old Americana, where everyone is also involved.

Berrien High School has added a new honor to the town and their school. Their love of baseball is more than obvious. The pride they have for their baseball team runs supreme. Whether you are a student, teacher, parent, alumni or one of the local businesses, the support to spur the baseball team on surrounds them. This is obvious at any game, where everyone keeps their eyes on the for up to the minute information. Berrien High School has proven that it is the talent of the team and a team attitude in the playing that can bring you to the forefront of success.

The people of Nashville Georgia are more than proud of the baseball team. There is a smile on each face that you see as you walk down the streets. The daily lesson of this place is a good hard work ethic and love of country and community. There is nothing more rewarding than having that philosophy proven when your team nears the top! You can bet that whether it’s an away or home gain, everyone will turn out to cheer on their Berrien High School baseball team. Sponsors show true team spirit and love seeing their name on the baseball scoreboards. No where in the world will you find more loyal fans than those of a smaller community. They are the pride of the area.

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