The Top 3 Dirtiest Players in the NFL in 2010

The Top 3 Dirtiest Players In The Nfl In 2010

In a review, I have listed the players we most love to hate – and the ones that we would least want to play against!

Football is a sport that not only tests the physical strength of an athlete, but also which tests their emotional strength i.e. their ability to refrain from being emotionally provoked by their counterparts. This is because besides being a brutal contact sport, it is also a sport where athletes brutally verbally abuse each other as well. However, some athletes completely fail to show any strength in controlling themselves as well as their emotions which is why they are termed as the dirtiest and most provocative players in the sport. Here is a list of players who managed to categorize themselves as the in the NFL in the year 2010.

3. Adrian Wilson – this Arizona Cardinals safety has proven himself worthy of being on this list again and again over the years, ever since he got drafted. The football scoreboards show that from 2001 to 2008 he managed to scrape 17 personal foul penalties under his belt. He has been fined numerous times, both in cash and kind (suspension), but the guy clearly doesn’t want to stop. His best known dirty tactics are those which he pulled off in 2008 and 2009. In 2008, he made the NFL $25,000 richer when he hit his helmet’s crown into the Buffalo Bills Quarterback’s, Trent Edwards’, facemask and drove him to the ground. The hit gave Trent Edwards a concussion and regardless to say, caused him the rest of the game. In 2009 again, Wilson donated a generous $10,000 in fines for his hit on the 49ers’ Vernon Davis.

2. Hines Ward – wide receiver for the Steelers, Hines Ward represents a split opinion about whether or not he should be deemed an outright dirty player, or a “plays within the rules” dirty player? However, on the other hand a Sports Illustrator’s poll declared him the dirtiest of ‘em all in 2009! Whatever your opinion might be, Hines Ward owns the honor of throwing a hit so brutal yet so within the rules as well that from the next year on the NFL had to change the rules categorizing dirty hits. Yes, this is the same brutal hit he dished out to the rookie Bengals line backer Keith Rivers that broke the poor kid’s jaw in 2008! And Hines Ward wasn’t even fined because it was then considered a “legal” hit. Not only the rules changed because of this man, NFL had to practically call out the refs and reprimand them for being so miserly in throwing flags at some of Hines’s most questionable hits.

James Harrison – linebacker and the second player from the Steelers, James Harrison tops the list of the dirtiest NFL players in 2010. Compared to him, Adrian Wilson’s “fine” donations to NFL are nothing. Harrison has written several checks to the NFL, which totaled around $100,000 and that was before his hit on Mohamed Massaquoi, which cost him $75,000 more. Moreover, the guy has no shame and keeps on claiming that his hits are legal.

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