The Greatest 5 Baseball Teams in the US

The Greatest 5 Baseball Teams In The Us

In a feature, we take a look at the top 5 MLB teams. Baseball is an extremely popular game in the US. Every year the World Series Championship is held by the Major League Baseball. This league is further divided into two sub leagues, the National League and the American League. Each league has three divisions, east, west and central. In this article we take a look at the five best baseball teams today.

1. New York Yankees
The New York Yankees have been the best team in the East division for many years. The club was founded in Baltimore in 1901 as the Baltimore Orioles and was renamed the New York Yankees in 1913. The baseball scoreboards show that the New York Yankees have won the World Series 27 times, the most recent time being in 2009. Since its inception, the team has welcomed some of the greatest players of all times such as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Yogi Berra. Forty four Yankees have been inducted into the hall of fame.

2. Boston Red Sox
The Boston Red Sox is one of the top teams in the Eastern Division. It was founded in 1901. The team was renamed as the Red Sox from the Red Stockings in 1908. The Boston red sox have won the World Series 7 times, the most recent being in 2007. Their rivalry with New York Yankees is the most historic in North American professional sport. The Boston Red sox’s baseball history is full of memorable moments such as when they won the World Series in 1946. Since 2003, the Red Sox has become one of the most successful teams and every home game is sold out, which is a record for the past seven years.

3. Philadelphia Phillies
The Philadelphia Phillies is also an Eastern division team. The team was founded in Philadelphia in 1883. Though the Philadelphia Phillies has won the World Series only a couple of times, the most recent being in 2008, they are emerging as one of the most successful teams in the Eastern Division. They have a heated rivalry with the New York Mets. In 2010, the team surpassed 100 consecutive sell outs and in the past few years has generated a massive fan base.

4. St. Louis Cardinals
The St. Louis Cardinals is a Central Division team. It was founded in 1882 and has been known as the Cardinals since the 1990. They have won 10 World Series Championships, the most recent being in 2006. After the New York Yankees, St. Louis cardinals were the first team to win the World Series in their first season, in 1926. They have intense an rivalry with the Chicago Cubs.

5. Los Angeles Dodgers
The Los Angeles Dodgers is a Western division team and was it founded in 1883. They have won the World Series Championships 7 times, the most recent being in 1988. They hold the record for reaching the finals the most times in the National League for 18 times, and have a great and longstanding rivalry with the San Francisco Giants.

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