The 4 Great rivalries in the History of MLB

The 4 Great Rivalries In The History Of Mlb

In a review, I have selected the four most passionate match ups that you can expect to see in MLB.

Rivalry is a part of every sport, and like every other sport, baseball too has seen many great rivalries. Some of them have existed since the very beginning of the game. Great rivalries make the game more interesting and exciting, and the fans look forward to their team playing against their traditional “enemies”. Here we take a look at the 4 greatest rivalries in MLB history.

Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants
The rivalry between the Dodgers and Giants is said to be the greatest and one of the oldest. Their rivalry dates all the way back to the 19th century. The baseball scoreboards show that these teams have played each other a remarkable 2100 times, and the Giants have the slightest of edges over the Dodgers. They hold an advantage of 11 games in the all time series. The rivalry was so intense in the old days that the great Jackie Robinson retied in 1956 season just because he didn’t want to be traded to his great rivals, Giants. Both teams play in the Western Division of the National League.

New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox
The Yankees and Red Sox is one of the fiercest rivalries in the . This rivalry began when Babe Ruth was traded to the Yankees in 1916. We have witnessed violence on the field on a number of occasions when these two teams have played each other. This rivalry has mainly been one sided, with the Yankees winning most of the matches. Red Sox for a very long time were not able to win against the Yankees, however the curse was broken in 2001. Some people consider this rivalry even better than the Dodgers and Giants rivalry.

St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs
Their rivalry is nicknamed on the basis of the roadway connecting the two cities, I-55 series or Route 66 series. The Cardinals have an upper hand and have won 10 championships. The Cubs on the other hand have only managed to win a couple of times. Both teams had some of the best and most famous MLB players in their sides, due to which the rivalry emerged. These players are now Hall of famers who played with both or one of the club.

New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies
This rivalry is regarded among the best and most passionate in the National League. Their rivalry is not as old as the Yankees and Red Sox or the Dodgers and Giants, but with the geographical closeness of these two cities, it is an intense one. After the signing of Billy Wagner by the Mets, the (friendly!) hatred between the teams deepened. In addition to this, racism was one of the main reasons behind the rivalry between the Mets and the Phillies

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