The UEFA Champions League 2010-2011: THE Final Review

The Uefa Champions League 2010-2011: the Final Review

The NBA has a massive mix of personalities and talents. In this basketball scoreboards feature, I have taken a look at the players with the craziest and most unstable personalities of all.. the ones who will always be remembered by the fans for their unique character and for their infamous incidents off as well as on the court. These are the players that were always in the spotlight, and who will always be talked about!

10. Gilbert Arenas
Gilbert Arenas was picked by the Wizards so that they could strengthen their team, but with Arena’s regular crazy behavior in the locker room they failed to do so. He brought guns into the locker room and was known for his sarcastic and negative remarks which contributed to the team’s failure.

9. Ricky Davis
One of the most selfish players in the NBA, Ricky Davis’ career ended when it shouldn’t have. All credit goes to his behavior! His selfishness and rude behavior cost him the second half of this career.

8. John Brisker
John Brisker’s specialty was provoking fights between players. This was the unique factor that separated him from all other players. In 1978, he was invited to Uganda, and after that nobody ever saw him again. Finally in 1985 news was released about him that he was legally dead.

7. Marvin Barnes
Marvin Barnes had a controversial career but the controversy did not end with his career. After he retired he faced several charges of burglary and drug possession. He was also known for smoking marijuana throughout his career.

6. Calvin Murphy
Calvin Murphy was known for his provoking acts which initiated fights on the court. Moreover, he had 14 children with 9 wives, and he played in an era where salaries were not the same as of today. Word is that he could barely even support his family(s)!

5. Jayson Williams
Jayson Williams was sentenced to five years in jail in 2002 when he was found guilty of shooting a limousine driver. In addition to this incident, in 2010 he was also charged with DWI.

4. Ron Artest
He is the most controversial player in the league and has been involved in a number of infamous incidents. The most recent being the incident in which he attacked fans, for which he was handed over the longest suspension ever in the NBA.

3. Dennis Rodman
This man was known for changing his hair colors frequently and also for dressing like a woman. A huge personality and a fans’ favorite.

2. Delonte West
Delonte West is the kind of player who always finds himself in trouble. Incidents like fighting with other teammates in the locker room or riding a bike with loaded firearms have kept him in the news on a regular basis.

1. Latrell Sprewell
In 2004, Sprewell was offered a $21 million contract extension but he refused by saying “I have a family to feed.” He was being paid a higher amount than that offered and claimed that the offer was an insult. Shows that it doesn’t matter how much you have, you always want more!

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