College Recruiting for Soccer

college soccer recruiting

College recruiting in the soccer world can be a brutal business, but the recruiters and the schools they represent are consistently and diligently scouring the nation for the top high school talent. Like any recruiting, it has catapulted from a process to a full on business. Colleges want the best talent and they hire the best recruiters to ensure that they do.
The art of recruiting for college soccer is as involved and complicated as the professional leagues; but with a twist. Once a player achieves a ‘status’ there are far more facets involved. has one distinct advantage in that they can access players that are eager to enter the sports world and are not involved in all of the agents and legal-eze of the professional status.

Each year that a college achieves early sign-ups that include some of the best talent, they must get to the next level by proving that their decisions and choices were the right ones. When those players step up and become a top selection, their school elevates their position in the college recruiting list. Once you understand this, you can get a better picture on the importance of the methodology of college soccer recruiting. In a nutshell, winning sells; and this means all of the glory and fanfare that goes along with it. While the college recruiting list fluctuates and varies, depending upon the school, funds and personnel, there are always a few schools that stand out in the crowd. This doesn’t mean that other under-dogs won’t slowly increase their position, but it does mean than once a school has a good spot on the list, they won’t be letting go very easily.

Thanks to the internet, there are now a plethora of websites for future soccer stars to present themselves. These are quite inclusive and will often show stats, photos, information, availability, and a number of interesting pieces of data for the recruiter to start with. Connections, contacts and partners within the various school systems get them a more up-close-and-personal inside view and then they can narrow down their choices.

There are also college soccer websites designed for keeping the stats of those most coveted players. While this list may vary here is the list of the top ten prospects for 2013:
Paul Arriola, Chula Vista, CA; Forward position; verbal commitment to UCLA
Nicko Corriveau, Potomac, MD; Midfield position; verbal commitment to Virginia
Jordan Allen, Rochester, NY; Midfield position; verbal commitment to Virginia
Colton Storm, Mechanicsburg, PA; Defender position; verbal commitment to UNC
Nathan Smith, Clovis, CA; Midfield position; verbal commitment to UCLA
Ben Spencer, Albuquerque, NM; Forward position; verbal commitment to UCSB
Brody Huitema, Vancouver, Canada; Forward position; verbal commitment to Duke
Lindo Mfeka, Louisville, KY; Midfield position; verbal commitment to South Florida
Justin Dhillon, Las Flores, CA; Forward position
Zach Steffan, Downingtown, PA; Goalkeeper; verbal commitment to Maryland
Keep your eye on these players, because they are destined to be on the list of the next college lists as they make their name in sports history.


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