Best Youth Soccer Drills; Passing – Part 3

Youth Soccer DrillsPassing through the gates: Technique development; ages 6-12
Variations on this can include adjusting the size of the gates; larger or smaller as well as the distance between the two players.

Using cones, create gates about three yards apart from each other. Split the group into pairs.
Each of the players will take a turn trying to pass the ball in between the gates. Points are scored each time the ball actually goes through the gates without touching any of the cones. Each play should be from three to four minutes.

Crossing Game: Ages 8-14
Using cones, create a ten yard channel up the flanks of the field. Allocate two players from each team to play in the flanks. None of the other players are allowed to be in the flanks.

Players on the flanks will try to cross to the players in the middle.

No Mans Zone: Long passing/receiving; ages 10-14
Variations on this passing drill game will be a 3 x 3 on each side of the field. You will need to have a lot of soccer balls available for this game.

Using cones, make a 15 yard channel right through the middle of the field. This will be called ‘no mans zone’ and no player will be allowed in this area. Have a regular game within an area that the players can’t enter. Give advantages to strikers, split players so there is a 4 v 2 advantage for attackers.

Receiving Drill: Ages 6-14
Variations on this can include a requirement to receive the ball within ‘2 touchers’ or players that are serving the ball may ‘baseball throw’ the ball to a member of the challenging team collecting the ball.

Create two grids, each 2 yds x 2 yds, about 15-20 yards apart from each other.
Players will pass the ball back and forth and attempt to try to receive the ball and maintaining it within their grid. Points are scored for keeping the ball in the grid.

Give and Go: Ages 8-14
Variations on this can include increasing the number of goals and minutes played and then switch the teams positions from outside to middle.

There will be three teams of 4 players each. Set up a regular sized 4 v 4 field.

The 4v 4 game is in the middle with 4 or more players places outside of the field. The team that is in possession can use the players on the outside to achieve a point score.

Spread Out; start without a soccer ball; Ages 8-12
Variations on this can expand to a soccer game of keep away

Two teams will be in the field with one soccer ball.

The purpose of this is to teach the idea of ‘spreading out players’, so the players keep away by catching and throwing the ball with their hands. When a player has the ball, he cannot run but tries to throw the ball to a team member that is spread out. Each game is approximately three minutes. When the coach whistle blows, the team holding the soccer ball wins.

Wall Pass; Ages 8-14
Variations on this can include adding defenders to the middle as well as requiring players to switch directions.

Use a large field environment with 4-8 players inside the field with soccer balls and the same number of players outside the grid, without a soccer ball. Inside players dribble towards players on the outside to perform a give and go pass.


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