Best Youth Soccer Drills; Attacking/Defending

soccer drills
There are variations in these games to enable players to perform from both a and offense position.

Corner Kick Game; Ages 8-14

This game can be played with 6 v 6 or 8 v 8; with just a bunch of soccer balls places at the opposite corners.

When a team kicks a ball out of bounds relating to any line, the other team is given a corner kick.
This creates a situation where the players simply run and run.

1 v 1; Ages 8-14
A variation on this soccer drill game can be to require that to score, a player has to ‘stop’ the ball on the end line.

Create a number of smaller grids or fields with 4 players on each grid.

The purpose of the game is to dribble the soccer ball across the opposite line.

Player 1will kick the ball over to player 2. Once player 2 has touched the ball, player 1 can enter the field and play defender.
Player 2 will try to score a point by dribbling over the line at the opposite end of the field. When a player scores or has a ball that goes out of bounds, they get off of the field and switch sides so the next time Player 1, will play offense. This game will pick up again with the next set of players: 3 and 4. It’s important to ensure that each time a player comes up, there is a ball ready to use.

Get out of here; Ages 8-14
This is a great game to apply for all aspects of skills. It can be played as 1v1, 2v2, or even 3v3. The focus can be aligned to work on tactics for: offense, defense, and technique. While there may be ‘lines’ this game moves rather quickly.

There are two lines of between 3 and 5 players, positioned behind two cones. The coach is in the middle with a lot of soccer balls.

When the coach shouts ‘go’, the first players in each line runs around the corner cones and around the goal, making the attempt to be the first player into the playing area. The coach serves the ball to that first player that entered the playing area. From that point on, they can play a 1v1 small sided soccer game. If the ball goes out of bounds, a goal is scored or the coach yells ‘get out of here’, the two players will have to leave the field in a sprint; making sure they exit without running into the next two players entering the field. The coach then shouts ‘go’ – and the game repeats.

One Goal Soccer; Ages 8-14
This is played in a good sized field. In the middle will be a ‘cone goal’. One keeper or coach will be in the middle and will be playing for both teams.

Two teams are set up, with 5-8 players per team. Each team is allowed to score in only one direction. This rule requires the players to swing the ball around to the outside, in the same way as switching fields.

Wars; Ages 8-14
Variations can be made to adjust for skill level and age with smaller grid sizes or six foot goals.

Establish three short lines of players that are next to the coach. The coach will punt the soccer ball into the field. The first player in each line will sprint to the ball and try to score on either goal, while the other two players make an attempt to steal back or defend the ball. There is an extra goal that will even out what might seem like an unfair advantage of 2v1 on the side of the defending players. Once a goal is scored, the players leave to the outside and the coach will punt another ball.

4 v 4 v 4; Get out of here; Ages 8-14
This is a good practice for offense and defense skills.

Set up small goals on a 30×50 field. There will be three team, four players in each team as well as two in the field, one off.
The players will play a standard 4v4 game; however, if the ball goes out of bounds, the team standing off the field all shout ‘get out of here’. The team that kicked the ball out of bounds will then leave the field and a new team comes onto the field. If there is a score, the team standing in the field yells ‘get out of here’ and the team that scored the point leaves the field, being replaced by a new team.

Four goal game; Ages 8-14

This is played in a large field with four small goals.

Play a regular soccer game, however, in this version each team has two goals they can shoot for. This particular version requires defense to play smart, because there is an extra goal.

Large Field with Gates; Ages 8-14
You can add a variation on this by allowing a team to get extra points if they pass the ball through a gate to one of their team mates.

Use a regular sized field, with either 6v6 or 8v8 and two gates in the middle of the field.

Play a standard game, however, teams can score an extra point if they dribble the ball through a gate.


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