LED Video Displays as a Tool to Cheering Up Your Favorite Team

Sports are built of moments that define teams, players, and determination. Throughout any sport athletes play, there are tales of greatness, moments of tragic defeat, and those of sheer determination possessing someone to do things that make fans witness to exactly what it is in sport that keeps us coming back year after year. Moments in time that once were simply memories told in epic prose are now recorded and replayed for the world to share in the experience of greatness well after the fact.

In attending most sporting events, the electronic
scoreboards equipped with high quality turn stories into visualizations. Standout plays that take the fan’s breath away and show exactly how the big play turned out can inject excitement into a story that was once left entirely to the imagination. not only serve the functional purpose for the game at hand, but can serve as a cheerleader, utilizing the technology in LED video displays to hype up a crowd, rousing up the energy within a stadium or arena and fueling the teams playing under the lights to play harder, perform better and strive for greatness. Players are encouraged to perform better when they see the reaction the crowd has after watching a big play, perhaps one that they participated in, and it serves as motivation to play harder for the fans and give them what they paid for in full. Sports are supposed to be fun, for all levels of play ranging from youth and little leagues to the major league systems. The game is intended to be fun for all those involved, from the fans cheering to the athletes performing their art on the sport stage of their choice.

Most fans will also notice the introductions, especially in basketball, for various teams that are played on the home team’s respective LED video display centered between or below the electronic scoreboards in different arenas. As stated before, these promotional bits build up emotion among the crowd and create a surge of excitement for the game about to begin. Many cities with hardcore fan bases, like Pittsburgh, New York or Los Angeles, rally around their hometown heroes of sport and fully embrace the spectacle, rooting their favorite players on to victory over the opposing team.

LED Video Displays and basic sports scoreboards can be compared to television and radio. Radio was first, and people embraced it because it was the top of the line in mass communication, listening to sporting events, talk shows, and even entertainment programs. Television then applied a picture to the sound, appealing to another one of our senses in visual stimulation and pulling people more and more into the moment. LED video displays do the same in comparison to old sports scoreboards and simple stadium or arena microphone systems by taking the same principle as television and appealing to the masses assembled. It adds another level of excitement for both the fans and players, proving to be an effective means to cheering on your favorite sports team.

One thought on “LED Video Displays as a Tool to Cheering Up Your Favorite Team

  1. Does live feed display on NFL screens? If so, who directs? I suspect a specific angle or frame can help/hurt a player able to see screen.

    I suppose I am naive and it was tried years ago. It probably worked a few seasons then film study and lose lips evened the playing field again (briefly).

    (Or maybe I just give away ny ticket to a gambling book “expose”)

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