College Sports Scoreboards: Variety of Choices

Sports Scoreboards for college events can be the main focal point of the game for fans, and present all of the critical information they need to know about the match. The way these scoreboards display this information has changed over the years and modern sports scoreboards have gone from simple digits representing time and score to high-definition LED screens that can display full motion replays and advertisements.

The choices available for sports scoreboards are many, and a school needs to consider a few things when deciding. Most scoreboard manufacturers will help a school through the decision process and can offer suggestions based on their experience with other clients as to what works best.
The size of the stadium is one of the first things a school needs to consider when choosing a scoreboard. The size of the scoreboard needs to match the stadium to be effective. If a school installs a scoreboard that is the wrong size fans will either be overwhelmed or squinting to see the scoreboard. The proper placement is also critical and the scoreboard needs to be mounted in a position that is easy to see for the fans. The good news is that these sports scoreboards are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles to accommodate any stadium and most are flexible enough that they can be mounted in a number of ways.

Another consideration when choosing one of these sports scoreboards is the style. Some schools use their main fields for multiple sports and will need a scoreboard that can change to accommodate the various details of these different sports. There are a few ways to accomplish this and many scoreboard companies make multi-sport scoreboards. These scoreboards are unique in that they include an LED text panel above the scoring digits that can be changed as needed for each sport. Another option for these multi-sport scoreboards is to use a large LED video scoreboard. This is essentially a large LED display that can be used to display a graphic of a scoreboard. This scoreboard can be tailored for each individual sport and the large display can also be used to show advertisements for the various sponsors. This sponsor advertising can represent additional revenue for the college throughout the season and can change as needed. This is a big advantage to the school and its sponsors and represents a major innovation over standard printed signs. Even if a college decides to go with a standard scoreboard, these LED screens can be added later as an option and will enable the school to display additional information about the event.

Whichever decision the college makes between the various sports scoreboards, they can all be custom made to reflect the schools colors and theme. They can be built with a specific color front and can have additional accent stripes in a contrasting color as well as the schools logo and mascot. These additional panels can be built in various shapes and sizes and will help expand the functionality of the scoreboard for the school and make it unique.

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