Wagener-Sally High School in Wagener, SC. Home of the Fighting War Eagles

There is nothing that says football like the sound of cheering fans and a pre-game band. In Wagener, SC, the fans are yelling for their favorite team, the Fighting War Eagles. Kenneth Tucker, Head Football Coach, has the bar set high for his team because he knows they will reach it. When it comes to the , he wants to see all winning numbers for Wagener-Sally High School.

There is a deep rooted sense of overcoming challenge in the kids from this high school. Wagener is a small town in South Carolina. It began as a community in 1887 and was known as Pinder Town. As settlers began to migrate to the area there was an unusual quantity of people named Gunter, and later the community was named Gunterville or Gunter’s Crossroad. These people were hardy and sturdy and overcame whatever challenges nature put forth. As with many of the towns in South Carolina, they were greatly affected by the development of the Southern Railroad.

If you have the pleasure of visiting Wagener South Carolina, you will immediately be impressed at the incredible close family atmosphere of the residents. The people of the town offer a warm handshake and make you feel welcome. They care about each other and are very proud of their school and sports teams. Many of the local businesses both inside and outside of Wagener are sponsors and you can see their names displayed on every Fighting War Eagles football scoreboards.

The attention to excellence in learning is always balanced with good sportsmanship. Pat Keating, Principal of Wagener-Sally High School is adamant that the kids understand the lessons that they will carry with them as they move forward in life. There is a great amount of support from the school staff and fellow students. The school offers an incredible array of sports, but in the football topic, they have both the standard boy’s team and the Powderpuff Eagles for the girls.

Attending a football game at Wagener-Sally High School is a lesson in total enthusiasm. The entire town shows up for every game. The excitement slowly builds as everyone takes their seats and impatiently waits for their team to be on the field. From the first kick-off to the last second on the timer, there is an almost deafening roar of support for the Fighting War Eagles. Everyone has a passion for the game, but especially for their home team. The Fighting War Eagles play to win. They look out into the crowd and see their neighbors, friends and relatives all cheering at the top of their voices. This type of one hundred percent support can only be seen in the smaller towns, and it makes one envious to have grown up in such an area.

There is no other sports experience that can be compared to going to a hometown football game. Wagener-Sally High School has one of the best teams and the most loyal fans that can be found.

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