Randolph Southern School in Shellman, Georgia: Always Ready For Basketball Show

When you think of prep schools, most people have a preconceived idea of crisp uniforms, strict teachers and a group of boring students that are too intellectually advanced to deal with the rest of the non-prep world. Having attended a prep school myself, I can tell you that this is not the case at all. While the students are at a higher caliber of intellect, they are also incredibly involved in politics, the arts and sports. Prep schools offer an environment to excel and a good example of this is Randolph Southern School in Shellman, Georgia; where basketball is the name of the game.

Shellman one of Georgia’s smallest towns. Located in Randolph County, the people know each other and care about each other. Going to their church is not only a main priority, but is part of their social functions. It’s not uncommon to have presentations by representatives of the political and social arenas on topics such as integration over the last fifty years. A slice of Americana, you can drive down the tree lined streets of Shellman and see homes that are cared for and have a welcoming look to any visitor.

Nestled in this small town in Randolph Southern School where you will find kids from K-3 through twelve grades. Children of all backgrounds and economic situations are found at Randolph Southern School; because this is an environment to encourage gifted kids through scholarship programs. From 4-H to the Drama Club, children are offered a variety of programs to keep their minds and personalities in the learning and growing mode. Sports is an important topic for teamwork. Randolph Southern School includes baseball, basketball, football, softball, cheerleading, golf and tennis; cross country, and track and field. Specifically, their basketball team is their pride and joy.

Anyone who has attended one of the girl’s basketball games knows this is serious business. The talent is incredible and it’s obvious that all of the basketball teams have set high standards for themselves. The daily instruction at Randolph Southern School teaches the kids to be prepared and to expect the best of themselves. These life lessons are passed into every area of their lives, including sports.

Both the town and the community support the efforts by attending the games and assisting with sponsorship. There is even an annual deer hunt called Deer Days, with proceeds donated to the school. Local land owners offer over twenty thousand acres of land for children to hunt and kill deer. These are semi-guided hunts for both experienced and new hunters. While there is a limit of hunts available, pictures of the slaughtered bucks are proudly displayed by hunters from all over the Southeastern United States.

Randolph Southern School has a visionary goal for all kids in which they are dedicated to the pursuit of excellent and to provide each student the opportunity to achieve at college level. The teamwork shown in the success of their basketball games is one of life’s true lessons on good citizenship.

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