McConnell-Talbert Stadium in Robins, GA: Home of Houston County Football Teams

McConnell-Talbert Stadium in Robins, Georgia, is where the three big high schools in the top half of the county play football.
A new scoreboard was installed at the stadium, and it makes a terrific addition with many benefits.
For Georgia football fans, McConnell-Talbert Stadium is the place to watch the game.

At McConnell-Talbert Stadium in Robins, Georgia, this is the place where the Houston County football teams play their games. There are three big high schools which use this stadium on a regular basis for their football games, and these are the Houston County Bears, the Warner Robbins Demons, and the Northside Warner Robins Eagles. The team playing at the stadium rotates between the three, an the facility is very modern and comfortable. McConnell-Talbert Stadium installed a new electronic football scoreboard 3785 not too long ago, to make the high school football games even better than ever. This improvement at the stadium will help bring in even bigger crowds, and generate even more revenue. High school football fans from all around the state come here to watch one of the three local football teams play, and at times loyal fans have traveled even further. No matter which team is playing, the scoreboards are visible from all points around the field and the excitement never seems to end. This stadium is quite large, and can hold thousands of fans and visitors who want to watch the game. Making improvements to the facilities, like scoreboards and other upgrades, will help fans have a more enjoyable time and want to return frequently. In Georgia, as in many other states around the country, football is very popular, and this is true in Robins, Georgia as well. Sports fans here will turn out in any weather, no matter how bad, just to watch the game and cheer on their favorite teams and players.

During the last season, the scoreboards at McConnell-Talbert Stadium had plenty of use. With three different schools scheduling football games, it is rare for this stadium to be closed during football season. The facility is very modern and up to date, and fans enjoy coming here because of everything the stadium offers. Last season the crowds were large and team spirit was extremely high for all three high school football teams that use the facilities. The large field and bleachers ensure plenty of room for players and fans, and it is not uncommon for visitors to travel many miles to come here and watch their favorite team play. Last season the Warner Robins Demons played Beach High School at McConnell-Talbert Stadium, and the Demons won the game with a final score on the scoreboard of thirty seven to six. This facility is perfect for football, because there is plenty of room for the fans to move around, scream and cheer, and even stand or stomp to show their loyalty to their favorite football teams.

The new scoreboards that were considered for McConnell-Talbert Stadium ranged in color and appearance, but the one that was finally chosen is a perfect fit with the facilities and field. Since a number of high schools use the stadium for football games, the equipment must reflect all of the teams and not just a single school. Playing in the facilities does give the players an advantage, because if they continue on to play college football after high school the players are already used to playing well in a stadium setting. This place is home to many Houston County football teams, and it is a venue that these teams and schools can be proud to play. Houston County High School started off the last season in a great way, winning the first two games right off and making the scoreboards really work hard. The first game was a twenty eight to zero win against Wheeler, but it was not played at McConnell-Talbert Stadium. When the Houston County Bears played Beach High School here at the stadium, the Bears had a thirty seven to six win that brought the crowds to a frenzy.

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