Laurel High School in Laurel, MS. Laurel Golden Tornados: 100 Years of Football

  • The Laurel High School Golden Tornadoes in Laurel, Mississippi, have a century of football tradition behind the school.
  • The Golden Tornadoes have been an important part of the school activities for more than one hundred years.
  • Laurel High School had a new scoreboard installed, to draw more sports fans and improve the equipment for the fans and visitors.

The Laurel Golden tornadoes have one hundred years of football tradition and history, and this is one school where football is extremely popular and considered a big priority. Laurel High School, which is located in Laurel, Mississippi, has a long track record of football excellence in the past, and the current team goal is to mirror this excellence and go all the way. The school had a new LED Football Scoreboard 3530 installed, and this proved to be an excellent decision. The Golden Tornadoes have always been able to draw in crowds at the football games, but the new scoreboards make this even easier to do. The big displays allow fans to quickly scan the equipment and determine what has happened in the game, without having to move around or strain neck muscles to do so. It is very visible from anywhere around the field, and can be seen without any blurring or distortion. Sports fans come to Laurel High School from all over to watch the Golden Tornadoes play football, and with the modern facility, new scoreboards and other equipment, and the talent the team shows on the field it is no wonder some sports fans have traveled hundreds of miles just to watch football.

For the past hundred years football has been a big deal at Laurel High School, and this is still true today. The school and students sow a great deal of support for the football program and teams. During the games through the years, Golden Tornadoes fans have been seen clapping, yelling, stomping, and showing extraordinary team spirit and support for the school and players. In Mississippi, football is one of the sports watched most often, and the fans can be quite feverish when it comes to their favorite teams. For a century the Golden Tornadoes have been one of the favorite football teams in the state, drawing huge crowds whenever they play. By adding a new scoreboard and making other improvements, Laurel High School is ensuring that the fan base and attendance continue to increase. The school also sees more revenue from the football games, because more fans come to watch the game and spend money on the entry fee, food and drinks, and game souvenirs and other purchases. New scoreboards may have a cost up front, but this amount is normally recovered in a short period because of the increased revenue seen.

Last season the Golden Tornadoes saw a season that had mixed results, with wins and losses mixed together. In the first game of the season, when they played against Collins, Laurel High School won twenty eight to zero. The second game was a loss though, when the Golden Tornadoes lost to Hattiesburg twenty eight to forty two. They rallied back to win thirty one to three against Biloxi, but then turned around and lost to West Jones with a final score of fourteen to twenty one. The Golden Tornadoes also lost against Wayne County three to twenty four, but they won the next game thirty six to thirteen against Raymond. Scoreboards showing a final score of forty five to thirty five gave Laurel High School the win against Northeast Lauderdale, but the team lost the last three games of the season. The last couple of seasons may not have been the best and brightest for the Golden Tornadoes, but that does not mean this team does not have enormous potential. More than one hundred years of football history and tradition at this school have shown that the football team will come back. Next season may be much better, with the Golden Tornadoes going the distance and grabbing victory.

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