Lagrange, Georgia: Lagrange High School Baseball Team went to AAA State Playoffs

  • The Lagrange High School Grangers baseball team has a long history of excellence and victory
  • The Grangers took the AAA State Championship title in 2004, and have made the final eight or final four many other years
  • Lagrange High School added a new LED scoreboard to attract more visitors and upgrade the equipment

When it comes to high school baseball teams, Lagrange High School in Lagrange, Georgia, has one of the best around. The baseball program here at the school is one of the leaders in the state, possibly the nation, and the history and records the Grangers have amassed just shows this. Lagrange High School is so proud of their baseball team that the school considered a number of new electronic scoreboards for the baseball diamond. They finally decided on the baseball scoreboard 1550, and once the equipment was installed it was apparent that the school made the right choice for their school and situation. The Grangers baseball team has a solid history of victory, and the team even made it all the way to win the State Championships in 2004. This is not the only glory the team has brought their school either. Since 1990 this school has had an excellent baseball team. They were part of the final eight in the years 1990, 1994, 1996, 2001, 2002, and 2005. The team made it to the final four in the years 1992, 1995, 2003, and 2006. The biggest accomplishment for the team and the school was when they were named the AAA State Champs though, and the scoreboards and crowds went wild at the end of the final game that season.

With the victorious history and the quality of the baseball program and team at Lagrange High School, it is no surprise that the school supports the sport of baseball. The new scoreboard which was installed has given many benefits and advantages to the players, the students, and the school. The stands are always full when the Grangers baseball team plays, for many reasons. The players bring a large amount of excitement and action to the games, because of their talents, skills, and the hours spent practicing each season. The hard work has definitely paid off, as any sports fan can attest to. The new scoreboard will attract high school baseball fans from all around the state, and even the country at times. The Grangers have a large number of loyal fans who will travel many miles to watch the team play and the scoreboards light up. The new equipment and improvements the school has made will make the experience much better for the fans and visitors, and help to bring in extra funds from these activities at the same time. An increased attendance also means more spending, and this is money that goes to benefit the school and students.

Even though the Lagrange High School Grangers baseball team has not made it back to the AAA State Championships since 2004, smart sports fans know better than to count this team down and out. Grangers baseball is a tradition of glory and greatness, and the past seasons the team has had have shown this year after year. The new scoreboard that the school invested in can offer a lot to the baseball team and other students, and it also makes it quite easy for fans to see the score and keep track of stats from the game. The equipment includes large windows which clearly display the score for a number of innings, even from a considerable distance, as well as the strikes, balls, and fouls which are hit. One look at the last twenty five years of Grangers baseball history will show accomplishments and achievements through many of these years, giving the team and the school a significant number of reasons to be extremely proud. The baseball team at Lagrange High School is keeping this rich tradition going, the potential of the Grangers is unlimited.

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