Jackson County High School Football Craze

The people of the Jackson County area are raised with a sense of rich history. Named after patriot and Georgia statesman, James Jackson, there is a warm sense of community and spirit that pervades. An absolutely beautiful area, they are host to festivals, presentations and Art in the Park. A picturesque vision of the South, Jackson County is a vision of friendliness and hospitality. If you stroll through the area, there is a sense of wonder in the beauty of life and nature.

When you walk into Jackson County High School in Georgia, you cannot help but be affected by the electricity of excitement. Amidst the musical performances and fundraising drives is their beloved football team. In this school, southern charm is backed by an intensity of lightning excitement for football.

Football at Jackson County High School is a mainstream interest. Everyone supports their school team, whether they are students, parents, businesspeople, former students and regular townspeople. Football is a mindset with this community and attendance for their team is an important social event. The build up for a home game can only be compared to the frenzy that is felt for the Super Bowl. The preparation for a game involves everyone in the area. People have worked for months to get the excitement going. Sponsors and kids alike have their team colors and banners everywhere. The focus is on the game and their players are given the cheers and smiles to keep them going for a win for the home team. The competition is fierce and all that are in attendance know that they have to work hard to achieve the ambitions for their football team. In a time of budget cut backs and tightening of belts, kids of all ages are out promoting their football team. Home town sponsors have always supported Jackson County High School football, and now is no exception. This is a time when everyone bands together and rallies to the call of the team that represents their American attitude and who they are.

Jackson County High School is renowned for their sports but they have also received the GreatSchools rating of seven out of ten on its state performance testing. Academics are an important focus for Jackson County High School. They believe that the balance of a good education, combined with the team effort of excellence is sports will give life lessons to the students to carry them on to success. The pride of learning runs deep in the school system and everyone contributes to making sure the children of their area learn and grow.

At first glance, you might think that Jackson County High School is a quaint school in a small southern community. However; the observation is two fold. They represent the best of their community and yet the beauty of the South. Never underestimate the gentle appearance of the kids and people at Jackson County High School. They are forever a power to be reckoned with.

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