Irwin County High School in Ocilla, GA. Indians Crossing The Endzone Line

  • Irwin County High School is situated in Ocilla, Georgia, and this school really loves football
  • A new scoreboard at this high school has helped to bring in more sports fans and revenue for the school
  • The Irwin County High School Indians are a football team that can be very good at crossing the end zone

Irwin County High School, located in Ocilla, Georgia, is a school where football is an important part of the school activities and a big draw for sports fans all over the state. To help improve this image even more, as well as to get the other benefits offered, Irwin County High School recently looked at new electronic football scoreboard 3580, and it has been a terrific addition to the field, and the sport of football at the school. The Irwin County High School Indians really know how to play football, and how to cross the end zone and bring home the victory. That is one of the reasons that the school made improvements to the athletic department. The last season did not go so well for the team, with only two wins and eight losses, but they are ready to go for the new season, and to go all the way this year. In the game against Fitzgerald High, the first game of the 1008-2009 season, the Indians lost without ever winning a single point. The final score was zero to forty five, and the sports fans were greatly disappointed.

This losing streak continued for the next two games. Irwin County High School lost against Clinch County, eight to thirty five, and against Berrien, nine to thirteen. After the first three games, the Indians played Portal High School, and broke the streak, winning twenty to nineteen. This did not last long though, and after this one game the team saw the scoreboard show losing scores again. Turner County won against the Indians, and so did Hawkinsville and Twiggs County high schools. Only one more game was won the rest of the season by the Irwin County High School team. The last season was not a good one, but the 2007-2008 season was a completely different story. This year was much better, with seven wins and four losses. During this season the only teams that the Indians lost to were Fitzgerald High School, Wilcox County High School, Dooly County High School, and Brookstone High during the championship game. The scoreboards were kept much busier during this season, and the Indians reached the end zones much more frequently. They may have experienced a down season, but they will be back stronger than ever, leading the way for the other football teams in the state.

The Irwin County High School Indians may not have the best record over the last year, but this high school football team has plenty of heart and ambition, making them a team to watch in the next few seasons. The new scoreboard that the school added has increased attendance at the sporting events and football games, and the increase in revenue is also a welcome bonus. Bigger crowds mean more sports fans with money to spend, and a passion for football. When the Indians play, the stands fill up, and the visitors and fans will chant, cheer, and stomp, all while closely watching the game and scoreboards. This football team and the improved facilities and equipment bring fans in from many miles away. There is nothing quite as loyal as a high school football fan, a fact that Irwin County High School has known. The school and student body offer an incredible amount of support for the football team and the athletic program, and the coaching staff is one of the best around. This team has a number of very promising players, and they have a lot of potential heading into the next season. It would be a big mistake to underestimate what this football team is really capable of when they are at the top pf their game.

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