• GISA stands for the Georgia Independent School Association.
  • Electro-Mech is proud to be a sponsor of GISA.

GISA, which is the Georgia Independent School Association, is an association whose members include independent, private, and parochial schools from across the state of Georgia. The goal of this association is to make independent schools in Georgia better, so that the entire state and the school activities in it are improved. GISA has the mission of advancing collaboration and excellence among independent schools in the state. The association serves and assists the member schools in their interscholastic needs, professional growth, and in advocacy for them. This association cites values which include the right of member schools to independence, mutual respect between member schools and students, integrity in member school curriculum and activities, and healthy competition among member schools and students. GISA helps to make schools in Georgia better for the entire state community, and the standards of this association enrich and improve all of the member schools.

All of the member schools which belong to GISA have a commitment to students and academic excellence, but also much more. All aspects of the students are considered and enriched, including their physical, social, intellectual, and moral conditioning and growth. Many of the schools which belong to this association have classes which are small enough to offer individual attention to all their students, and many of the schools which have joined place an emphasis on personal responsibility and community commitment and service. Students in the member schools come from all areas of the community and all segments of the population. All GISA member schools admit students regardless of color, race, ethnic, or national background, and all the schools have policies in place to prevent discrimination in any form. The schools which belong to GISA can have a varying number of students, from less than a hundred to more than two thousand, and these schools may come from all geographic locations as well. There are rural schools, urban schools, and suburban schools included, so students and schools from all areas of the state are included.

GISA was started to allow the coordination of all member schools, and so that information can be disseminated among and to the schools included. This association also allows member schools to join together, and to exert educational leadership on issues which concern the schools and students. GISA has the distinction of being a full member of more than one organization which affects education. There is the National Association Of Independent Schools and the Georgia Private Education Council, both of which include GISA as a full member. All of the schools which are members have their own clearly defined and individual missions and criteria. Each school is unique, and has something to offer to the association as a whole.

Electro-Mech is thrilled to be a sponsor of GISA. This scoreboard company has put students and schools first for more than forty years, while making the best top quality electronic scoreboards at a very reasonable price. Both GISA and Electro-Mech have a solid commitment to education and youth in the state of Georgia, and both organizations work hard to provide the resources and values that students and schools can benefit from. Excellence and independence are cornerstones of both these entities, which is why Electro-Mech decided to sponsor GISA to start with.

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